PHOTOS & VIDEO: Digital Movie Posters and New Digital Projectors Installed at The Great Movie Ride

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While we wait for the full roll-out of the Turner Classic Movies overlay coming to the Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, some elements of the rehab have already been installed and are in use now:


 While not turned on yet, the new digital movie posters in the queue are installed


 Some new logos for the attraction were produced




 Touchscreens are being installed with the various prop displays in the queue



The original logo poster will be sticking around thankfully




 The pre-show “coming attractions” are now being presented via a digital projector


The same can be said for the finale film montage




While overall everything looked much crisper, there was clearly a lot of older film clips that didn’t make the conversion so well. Our theory is that this is simply the film that has been shown converted to a digital format with no restoration. Scenes from newer movies looked clear while the older ones looked brighter, but nearly as bad as they did before. With a new pre-show and finale film debuting soon, this is understandable as these clips will not be seen in this new digital format for very long before they are replaced.

We have a short video of the two films so you can see just how big the difference is in the projection quality:

Overall, it is exciting to see changes made and it shouldn’t be long until the new pre-show, finale, and such are installed.

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PHOTOS & VIDEO: Digital Movie Posters and New Digital Projectors Installed at The Great Movie Ride | Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Guide

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