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Sakura at Tokyo Disneyland
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Tokyo Disney Resort does things a bit differently when it comes to spring. Disney’s Easter is a yearly celebration from April until the end of June (yes, you read that correctly). At Tokyo Disneyland, you can find the typical easter fare of bunnies and Easter eggs. Meanwhile, at Tokyo DisneySea a “Fashionable Easter” is the theme for 2015. For the Duffy fans out there, he gets in on the fun, too, with Duffy’s Easter Fair.

Here is a breakdown of all the offerings over at Tokyo Disney Resort for Disney’s Easter 2015. Full details can be found over at TDRExplorer and on the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

Tokyo Disney Resort Easter Monorail
Tokyo Disney Resort Easter Monorail

Tokyo Disneyland

The main draw to Tokyo Disneyland is the Hippidy Hoppidy Springtime Parade. As Mickey and friends celebrate the arrival of warmer weather, dancers are dressed in various bunny outfits along the parade route. They even have a dance to teach guests, so everyone can join in on the fun. This high energy parade will get anyone excited for springtime and colourful eggs.

Entrance to Tokyo Disneyland for Disneys Easter 2015
Easter display at Tokyo Disneyland for Disneys Easter 2015

Decorations around the park are subtle but adorable. Around the hub area you will find the Easter Garden, along with an Easter display at the entrance of the park.

Dale in the Easter Garden at Tokyo Disneyland
Dale in the Easter Garden at Tokyo Disneyland

Various character-themed easter eggs are hidden around the park as part of the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Visitors pay to play this game where you go around the park in search of hidden eggs. Return to the sign-up booth with a completed hunt, and you win a prize! There are challenges for both Japanese and English-speaking guests.

Any celebration is not complete with food, and for Easter, Tokyo Disneyland presents a wide array of new sweets to tempt everyone’s tastebuds.

Tokyo DisneySea

Departing from the “Spring Voyage” theme of previous years, in 2015 Tokyo DisneySea brings us Fashionable Easter. Mickey and friends show off their very best new spring outfits in a brand new harbour show showcasing amazing costumes. The production also is one of the first to use the new stage in the recently renovated Mediterranean Harbour. The costumes used in the production are stunning with incredible detail, and each is themed after a different port from DisneySea (Mysterious Island, American Waterfront, Mermaid Lagoon, and Lost River Delta.) If you get a chance to visit, then this show is a must.

Fashionable Easter at Tokyo DisneySea
Brand new show Fashionable Easter at Tokyo DisneySea
Mysterious Island Fashion at Tokyo DisneySea
Mysterious Island Fashion at Tokyo DisneySea

Decorations around the park are just as elaborate as the costumes. At the park entrance are two gigantic and elegant eggs with Mickey and Minnie. At the American Waterfront, six fabulously themed eggs reflect the imagery of each of the ports within DisneySea.

Duffy’s Easter Fair

The insanely popular Duffy the Disney Bear gets his own celebration over in Cape Cod. While the decorations are not as over the top as the rest of the park, the merchandise makes up for it. Each season there is a new costume for both Duffy and Shellie May, and this time around they are getting two different outfits. One for Fashionable Easter, and another for the Easter Fair. Also, Duffy’s new friend Gelatoni gets in on the action.

Duffys Easter Fair at Tokyo DisneySea
Duffys Easter Fair at Tokyo DisneySea

If costumes are not your thing, but you are a Duffy fan (I can admit that I am a Gelatoni fan), there are many great merchandise options to choose from. From picnic items to stationary, you will not go home disappointed.


Spring at Tokyo Disney Resort is completely different than anything at Walt Disney World, with highlights you’d expect from these parks. If you are heading to Tokyo Disney Resort this spring, then be sure to pack your best Easter bonnet and enjoy a Fashionable Easter at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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