The Second “Star Wars Antholgy” Film Delayed Till 2019; Director Josh Trank Fired

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Josh Trank (“Chronicle”) was let go by Disney and Lucasfilm as the director of the second “Star Wars Anthology” film. The result of him being dropped means that there will be no “Star Wars” film in 2018. Disney originally planned to release a Star Wars film ever year beginning with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Recently Josh Trank was scheduled to be a guest speaker at a Star Wars Celebration panel to discuss his upcoming Star Wars spinoff movie but was a no show. Attendees were told that Trank was suffering from the flu but a lot of people speculated that something was up. Variety has indeed confirm that Trank was let go by Disney and Lucasfilm.

The Hollywood Reporter says that most of this stems from Trank’s antics on the set of his movie, “Fantastic Four.” Trank was described by some as being erratic and very isolated and would not respond to questions on the set and resorted to hiding at times. He also rented a house in New Orleans while filming Fantastic Four and caused over $100,000 worth of damage to the house.

It does appear that Trank’s mild success from filming the movie “Chronicle” has gone to his head and both Disney and Lucasfilm were worried to hand over a Star Wars film to him.

Source: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter

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Wow sounds like it was in their best interests to part ways…

Joe Hogarty
Joe Hogarty

I was really happy to hear this. I keep hearing that the Fantastic Four movie was really another movie and that Fox just changed the characters to the FF to retain the movie rights. The first actor cast was Michael B. Jordan and he chose him because he worked with him in Chronicle. No one else was auditioned for the role. Jordan is a good actor, but I’m sorry, he’s no Johnny Storm. He started casting the other three and they were chosen based on who he think would worked best with Jordan. It made no sense that he was… Read more »

The Second “Star Wars Antholgy” Film Delayed Till 2019; Director Josh Trank Fired | Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Guide

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