RUMOR: Is The “Star Wars” Unaltered Original Trilogy Finally Being Released? np



The one thing that the many fans of the “Star Wars” Original Trilogy have been hoping to see is the unaltered versions of the “Star Wars” Original Trilogy released on home video. We have heard rumors in the past that either Fox or Disney would be releasing the unaltered versions for years but nothing has come about those rumors.

This week we received some good news from Empire Magazine concerning the unaltered versions of the Original Trilogy. While being interviewed by Empire magazine, director John Landis (“Animal House”) informed them that Disney will be re-releasing the unaltered versions of the Original Trilogy.

dsaxcdscfscsEven better news is that according to Landis, his Source is George Lucas:

dadedadBack in 1997, George Lucas released the Special Editions of the “Star Wars” Original Trilogy in theaters and ever since then Lucas has been altering the Original Trilogy with each home video release.


There were definite enhancements made to films but there were also scenes that were altered that many fans were not happy with such as Greedo shooting first, Hayden Christensen replacing Sebastian Shaw as Anakin’s force ghost and the infamous Darth Vader “Nooooooo!”. You can still view the unaltered versions of the Original Trilogy but as the years pass it is getting harder to find them since they are only on VHS tape, Laser Discs and even a DVD version was released that was an inferior nonanomorphic version of the Laser Discs.

That this is coming from a respected director and friend of George Lucas is definitely a good sign. But until we hear word from Disney, Lucasfilm and Fox, it’s not official.

Source: Empire, Furious Fanboys


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