Rivers of Light Ditches Disney Characters for an Artistic Answer to the Animal Kingdom Nighttime Show Vacancy

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Thanks to the DisneyAuditions.com website, we have some new details to share on the Rivers of Light nighttime spectacular debuting at Animal Kingdom Spring 2016:

Disney Creative Entertainment is seeking CONTEMPORARY and BOLLYWOOD-STYLE dancers for featured roles in a new offering at the Walt Disney World® Resort, near Orlando, FL. These silent narrators orchestrate all the action to convey the spirit of an ancient and timeless celebration.  Choreographed by Ulka Simone Mohanty.

“Rivers of Light,” the new immersive nighttime experience coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in spring 2016, will combine live performances with beautiful floating lanterns, water screens and grand theatrical imagery, in a celebration of animals and nature.  The event begins with the arrival of a pair of Shamans, two complimentary forces who come to the river bearing gifts of light.  Along with their Acolytes, or assistants, the Shamans set out from the shore on elaborate lantern vessels, engaging in a dramatic dance of water and light to summon the animal spirits.

Based on early rumblings about the show, it seems the performance will have little to do with Disney or the Disney characters and will be something using mostly original material, much like IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if some clips and music from The Lion King or the Disney Nature films came into play.

In addition to the lantern vessels mentioned above, there will also be a large number of tiny autonomous lantern floats that will travel along choreographed, pre-programmed patterns through the waterways around Expeditions Everest during the show. Other vessels will carry water fountains, lighting, and fire effects while water screens and the new lighting installation on the Tree of Life paint a colorful backdrop for the show.

It sounds like it will be quite the spectacle when it opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom next year. What do you think?