Steven Spielberg Seems To Confirm Directing Harrison Ford In “Indiana Jones 5”

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While out promoting his latest movie, “Bridge Of Spies”, Steven Spielberg seems to have dropped a bomb that both Harrison Ford and he will be back for “Indiana Jones 5”.

When asked by Yahoo Movies, “What has made your long standing collaboration such a success?”, Spielberg mentioned that:

“Tom (Hanks) is tied with Harrison Ford. Harrison and I have done 4 movies and Tom and I have done 4 movies. Now, I’ll probably do “Indy 5″ with Harrison and that will be 5 for Harrison and 4 for Tom. I got to make another one with Tom so it will be 5 for Tom and 5 for Harrison.”

The key word is “probably”, which means more than likely. I am sure that Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have had discussions about doing “Indiana Jones 5”. In May, Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm, did confirm to Vanity Fair that “Indiana Jones 5” will be made. Kennedy has had a close working relationship with Spielberg for decades being producer for many of Spielberg’s films including  “E.T”., “The Jurassic Park Trilogy”, “The Back To The Future Trilogy” and of course all of the “Indiana Jones” movies. Ford has also mentioned that he wants to do one more “Indiana Jones” movie.

We have heard rumors that we should expect a fifth “Indiana Jones” movie sometime in 2018. Hopefully we’ll hear something official from Lucasfilm in the near future.

Source: Yahoo

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