The “Na’vi River Journey” Formally Announced for Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Animal Kingdom

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Pandora – The World of AVATAR’s boat ride has been mostly a mystery up until this point, but Disney is finally spilling the beans on this family-friendly Animal Kingdom attraction which will be called “Na’vi River Journey”.

The adventure begins as guests set out in canoes and venture down a mysterious, sacred river hidden within the bioluminescent rainforest. The full beauty of Pandora reveals itself as the canoes pass by exotic glowing plants and amazing creatures. The journey culminates in an encounter with a Na’vi shaman, who has a deep connection to the life force of Pandora and sends positive energy out into the forest through her music.

Na’vi River Journey will open along with the Flight of Passage attraction in Pandora – The World of AVATAR in 2017.