EDITORIAL: How Does Star Wars: The Force Awakens Affect Star Wars Land?

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With the immense popularity of the seventh installment of the famous Star Wars franchise firmly in place as a Hollywood mega-blockbuster, the question now is on minds (or maybe just mine) “what is in store for Star Wars Land?”

We knew that the Imagineers in charge of the Star Wars-themed land were taking major influences from Episode VII (as well as the 2 further episodes that lie ahead), but we wonder now is if the newest iteration of the franchise will take over as the only focus in the upcoming land. It had been speculated that the new area in Hollywood Studios and Disneyland would take its cues from both the new trilogy as well as the original trilogy, but clearly the new land falls somewhere in the timeline between episodes 7, 8, and 9. We know that Disney is constantly looking to cater to the next crop of fans, so is it possible that Star Wars Land will focus entirely on the new trilogy and leave the older films completely out of the equation?


The most likely scenario has the new land’s attractions focusing solely on the newer films, with a few hints of the original trilogy mixed in for nostalgia. With the recent announcement of the placement of the land within both parks, Star Tours will be left out of the equation as its own separate entity on both coasts. We are not sure of many of the details, but it definitely seems as though “The Force Awakens” and its subsequent sequels will not only have a major impact on film history, but also on the future of the Disney theme parks.


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