RUMOR: Star Wars Fireworks Show to Add Projection Mapping Effects and Flamethrowers?

This rumor is a bit out there, but it comes from some good sources, so I believe it has some truth to it. If it is to be believed, the Star Wars fireworks will become a very permanent addition to the nighttime show lineup at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Apparently there has been some late night testing in the park to see if projection-mapping of the Chinese Theater and the facades of Hollywood Boulevard would be feasible. If so, expect to see full street-wide projections just like those in the Disneyland Forever fireworks show that debuted in May 2015. One downside to this addition would be the probable removal of the tall palm trees along Hollywood Boulevard, but that is still up for debate among the cast members working on this project.

Another possible item being added to the show would be flamethrowers on the rooftop of the Chinese Theater, much like the ones used during the Finding Nemo sequence in the Disneyland Forever fireworks show.

If approved, we expect the additions to be made to the show sometime in the Spring/Summer of this year.