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Seashore Sweets Closing/Moving to Accommodate Flying Fish Expansion at Boardwalk

With Flying Fish at Boardwalk closing February 1st to begin its huge overhaul, it seems it will be taking Seashore Sweets with it.


The nearby candy store will be a victim of the expansion, also closing on 2/1. However, it seems like a new treat shop may be on the way. What remains of the Yard Arcade and the shop attached to ESPN Club should close soon as well to become a new candy destination for the Boardwalk according to inside sources.

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As part of the Flying Fish expansion, guests can expect a whole new look, and the team is working on a new menu. The re-imagined dining room will still have an onstage kitchen and an airier design, with more room for the popular Chef’s Counter and wine dinners.


Disney has not stated exactly what the Seashore Sweets space will be used for as of yet, and we can only assume that the connected restrooms inside will have to remain open for patrons of Trattoria Al Forno.

  1. Wow, the ruination of ESPN has come full circle. I remember back when they had an awesome store attached to the restaurant and we would buy unique gifts there each trip. Lately it has been a shell of itself with the same old, retread merchandise that we have seen over and over each trip. Too bad, we really used to like to visit and spend time shopping there.

  2. “Ruination” of ESPN?
    I think most of us are more concerned with the food, drink & ballgames on TV than shopping & videogames.
    ESPN Club still rocks!

  3. We also love the food, drink and ballgames and spend quite a lot of time there given that we always stay across the bridge at the Beach Club and my son and I are huge sports fans. We always enjoyed grabbing a unique sports related souvenir on each trip. That’s all I’m saying. I’m talking about the ruination of the ESPN gift shop not the restaurant. You “HARDLY” understood me.

  4. Personally I like it. Flying Fish is a Disney original and one of the best restaurants on property. Giving it a facelift, expansion and menu update is a smart move for an anchor restaurant like that. Hopefully they will find a way to update that tired Big River Restaurant or replace it with something befitting of the Boardwalk in general.

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