2/9/16 Marvel News Mash-Up (Hulk & Ant-Man Drink Coke, Tom Holland as Spiderman, ETC.)

Hilarious New Superbowl TV Spot For “Coca-Cola” Featuring Both Ant-Man And The Hulk


It’s rare that anything surprises me but did not see this coming at all. I think most people had no idea that Ant-Man and The Hulk would team up for a Coca-Cola Mini commercial and that it would turn out so good.

Source: Coca-Cola YouTube

First Look At Tom Holland As Peter Parker On The Set Of “Captain America: Civil War”


We still haven’t seen Tom Holland in Spider-Man costume yet but here is a shot of Holland on the set of the Avengers Quinjet in “Captain America: Civil War”. Rumor is that the reason why we haven’t seen Tom Holland in any trailers or promotional material is because everything has to be approved by both Disney and Sony. I’m sure we will get something soon. If not an official image, promotional art is bound to leak soon.

Source: Louis D’Esposito Twitter

Entertainment Weekly Reveals Benedict Cumberbatch As “Doctor Strange” In Full Costume


Our first official look of Benedict Cumbebatch as The Sorcerer Supreme came to us through a special issue of Entertainment Weekly. If this does one thing right, it gives me the confidence that they are following the source material. This costume is perfect. My biggest fear was that they were going to tone down Doctor Strange’s look for the real world but think this is the best Marvel movie costume after Iron Man (and Deapool!). Check out these fantastic pictures:

Here are some comparisons I put together of Doctor Strange from the comic book and Benedict Cumbebatch’s version:





Source: Entertainment Weekly

New Photos Form “Daredevil Season 2”


Without a doubt, Entertainment Weekly are getting the best exclusive photos of Marvel characters. The above photo shows The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) getting the upper hand on our hero, Daredevil (Charlie Cox) What is great about this photo is it is right out of the comics where The Punisher has Daredevil chained up and lets Daredevil know that he is about to kill a mob boss. He hands over his gun to Daredevil and lets him know the only way that Daredevil can stop him from killing the boss is by Daredevil choosing to kill The Punisher. A very difficult test for Daredevil come to life in Season 2!


Entertainment Weekly also gave us our first look at Elektra( Élodie Yung) and she also looks like she stepped right out of the comic book. A far cry from the portrayal made by Jennifer Garner who looked nothing like the character.


Some more photos!

Marvel's Daredevil


Marvel's Daredevil

Daredevil Season 2 will premier March 18th!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

VIDEO: Teaser And Announcement Date For “Daredevil: Season 2”


Netflix has released a stylistic teaser trailer for Marvel’s “Daredevil Season 2”! Netflix also announced that on March 18th all episodes for Daredevil Season 2 will be available for streaming. Can you spot The Punisher’s symbol in the poster and the teaser?

Source: Netflix

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