Walt Disney World & Disneyland Introducing Seasonal Tiered Ticket Prices, Price Increases Coming

We told you earlier today that we expected new seasonal tiered ticket pricing to be introduced at Disneyland Resort, well now we are being told it will also be coming to Walt Disney World.


In addition to annual price increases across all forms of tickets, one-day tickets for all parks will move to a seasonal, tiered pricing scale. Depending on the season you plan to visit, a one-day ticket can cost more or less. The tickets are broken into three “seasons”: Value, Regular, and Peak. We do not have info on what the pricing or dates for specific pricing will be, but is should be announced or go into effect this weekend.

We will share more info once it becomes available on this breaking story.

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  1. We have already purchased 10 day Disneyland tickets (from Australia) and are planning to be there in late November. What will this tired system mean for already purchased tickets?

    1. I don’t agree with the previous answer.If you have booked an amazing price and the date for that promotion has ended then you could be better of keeping it.But, as long as there is availability under a new promotion at a better price, and you have not hit your final payment date, you CAN change to a better price (like I said, depending on availability of better “room only” , +tickets or a better M YW package.) In other words if the tiers system price IS somehow better, you can cancel and rebook without penalty.

      1. This is Diseny, there is no way the price will go down. If anything, we will be lucky if the value price is the same as the current price.

  2. Good article, and I’d personally pay much more if it wasn’t an increasingly cheap experience at Walt Disney World Orlando. One of the biggest issues is babies in strollers that won’t remember the experience, and strollers clogging up every available space. Hope they charge full price for all admissions, including infants in strollers. Either way, there will be less staff. TONS of crowds year-round. Fewer ‘experiences’ if any, it’s mainly revenue points and meet and greets.

    1. Nice Disney Attitude there Thomas. Disney is for families. And yes that means babies in strollers. How difficult it must be for you to have to maneuver around them. Go to Univerdal if you don’t like it.

      1. Dead wrong Ann. Disney is to make money for it’s company and shareholders. Same for Universal. They have nothing beholding to children, families nor letting anyone in the park free.

        1. Thomas ,
          Yes Disney is for families because that is the audience that their money is geared towards entertaining .
          If it was all about just the company and the shareholders then you really wouldn`t have a reason to be coming on Disney Fan Forums attacking babies in strollers because the ones bringing them would not be able to afford to g very often and in the spirit of most people using the strollers or wheelchairs , etc . are those who have mobility issues As Pete Werner once said about this on the DIS Unplugged Podcast about that
          ” If you are a jackass to people who are disabled especially people in wheelchairs there is a special place in hell for you . ”
          I mean how is it that nobody says anything about how Disney also welcomes and serves bullies especially those who are on a witch hunt against its` cast members and specifically those who are in the creative processes ?

      2. Annual passholders and DVC members here, and I agree with the posts that price increase is a great idea. Not to line Igers pockets, but to thin hoards of crowds. SOME will not be able to afford it or go two days instead of 3. And that’s needed. It’s not a ‘right’ or public service. And I have a 18 and 7 month old, and can’t believe they let them in free. And have more people assigned to stroller parking areas than they have letting people in the long park lines. Bad business moves to let infants in free and to have let the parks get so overrun and cast members mainly there for crowd control, not anything else. Disney has had some great creative talent and occasionally a hit of a movie and characters that create the fans and loyalists. Business talent has never been their greatest asset though.

  3. Is Disney using Cornholio as the new ticket program mascot? What with the guests getting cornholed, and all?

  4. If you raise annual passes it has not even been a year since tha last time. What is the reason for raising them?

  5. I’m ALL for higher prices, they gotta do something to reduce the enormous crowds and stroller city…it makes rush hour traffic look fun. But PLEASE make it fun to go there. It’s plain miserable most the year, and cast members trying to herd the crowds w/o regard to it being anything fun…there’s just not enough to do that’s fun (unless buying plashes or stale pretzels is fun)

  6. Raise the prices on stroller and scooter rentals also please. Scooters and strollers are killing the fun for everyone else. People who don’t even have kids will rent strollers just so they don’t have to carry all of there crap. Healthy able bodied people will rent scooters because they are lazy and want to line cut and get the best viewing spots. Put a stop to this shit!

    1. Disney has already raised their prices for stroller and electric cart rental so high that third parties have come in and now offer rentals. They’ll even bring the rentals to your hotel for you to pick up when you check-in!

      1. You’re right, and that should stop. I have kids, but everyone should pay full price, and while you can’t exclude people from bringing in strollers, or the morbidly obese on scooters, you can charge for every head. And you can as management make the experience better.

  7. Well I hope when I go, all of you stay home. Your very negative and mean spirited. Children in strollers and people that have a hard time walking would be more enjoyable than you.

    1. Well said!!! Talk about miserable! I have MS and a 2 year old grandson. God forbid children should be allowed to enjoy themselves. I suppose I should stay home locked in my house too because of these miserable people.

      1. I’d believe you, but it’s usually the most miserable people who call other people miserable. A good majority of the people in strollers aren’t kids, and most of those on scooters are plain and simply morbidly obese Americans. Fact. Not speaking negatively.

    2. Right on , Donna !!!
      Because people who have disabilities specifically mobility issues tend to work harder to enjoy the opportunities that life presents them and I am proud of you for what you said on here . You’re a hero for people like me . Keep it up .
      Keep bringing light to us all .

  8. You people are unbelievable.. .You go there for the children so way are youal complaining about strollers

    1. I don’t go there for the Children. Sounds kinda creepy. I’m all for everyone being there. They all just need to pay. A screaming 1 year old getting in free isn’t going to remember the park and isn’t going to make ANYONE’S visit more enjoyable.

    2. Disney is for families-Families with children no matter the age. Its a place of magic and fun for all ages-I will be enjoying my trip in April and disregarding all these negative comments =]

  9. Disgusting! Disney has raised the prices so much and so often, its no longer affordable for families to take their children and enjoy the parks. The mighty dollar has won over Walts vision. Right now at DLR so much is closed for the star wars land. So much all at the same time. The suits of Disney are making their big salaries – especially the Millions going to CEO and the company isn’t paying the regular cast members any better. Bring Matt Oilmett back. He was a sensible man who got the company turned around before. The stroller problem is those pushing the double wide strollers has no concern for others, they push right up into the crowds and use the kids for their scapegoats.

    1. Your wife’s scooter is not a problem and shame on mean spirited people who say it is. the problem with Disneyworld is people who complain, think they are the only people on vacation. Disney world is still a wonderful place the cast members go above and beyond. I know prices are rising but so is the cost of food housing etc. In my many years of visiting Disneyworld the only real negative change is the attitude of many of my fellow vacationers.

      1. Thank you Patricia .
        My words exactly . Disney is for everyone just like Roy O. Disney ( Walt`s Brother ) said in the dedication plaque .
        People need to look for it and look at it sometime when they enter the park and before they move on past Town Square
        hub sometime .

  10. Ticket increases always give me a good laugh. You get to hear from a lot of hypocrites. I don’t have kids but I would never complain about strollers, I used to ride around in one as a baby. The only way I could experience the parks before I could, you know walk. I have even been run over by multiple ECVs. I don’t have a problem with them. My uncle can’t walk and needs oxygen and it’s pretty sick but absolutely loves the parks he doesn’t have a choice. I think the number of healthy/able bodied people renting scooters/strollers is lower than you think. Just cause someone looks healthy riding a scooter doesn’t mean they are lazy. My sister looks like she can run marathons back to back but just got diagnosed with Lyme disease and could not walk around a theme park right now. So you’d look at her in the scooter and think she is just lazy. You don’t know everyones story so don’t judge just cause they inconvenience you.

    1. Amen, Andrew, thank you and well said!! I have one of the “invisible” diseases that wears me out quickly. I haven’t had to use a scooter yet, but I also can’t do as much because of that. I guess I will when I’m ready!

      1. I had to use a scooter this past September prior to my knee surgery that I had in October. I hated that scooter, but if it hadn’t been for my having it I couldn’t have enjoyed my time with my youngest grandchildren, my son and daughter in law for their first visit. I would walk till I couldn’t anymore so having it was nice, and I look healthy just not my knee.

  11. we thought about raising prices for fat lazy people on scooters but then realized they buy a lot of food with high margins. Also we were scared about the ADA because fat and lazy apparently is a disability. So we are scared of the fat scooter lobby DWI is trying to come up with a test to really see if you need the scooter or are just fat and lazy. It should be done before avatar land in 2029.

  12. It’s a sad state of affairs that someone who was born and raised at Disneyland can no longer afford to attend… I guess I should consider myself lucky that I got about 50 years of experiences at the park before they closed it off from me. :p Shameful, disrespectful and pathetic.

    1. Can you afford it today? Cause you’ll probably still be able to afford it, just on certain days. Maybe book a few more DJ gigs.

  13. I’m all for raising the prices. The parks are WAY too crowded. Need to price some of these people out. Disney was never supposed to be something that everyone could go to. It has been a luxury item/experience. In order for the experience to be better there needs to be less people. They either have to price more people out or start capping the number of people they let it. I’m all for it if it means a better experience when I’m inside the park.

    1. I totally agree with you. I live in Orlando and can’t remember a time in past several years our company visiting doesn’t loathe the parks but only go if they have little ones who want to see the characters. Which is why that’s about all there is to do now. Unless you want to stand in a line to buy something, or for few attractions. I’d pay double for a third less people and half the strollers personally, it would make it a better experience.

  14. You people are idiots you think the answer to overcrowding in the park is to raise the ticket price so less people will go to the park how about Disney step up and add more rides to suit capacity. Let’s not forget on those days that you are there with less people Disney will just decrease the ride capacity to keep you in the park just as long. Let’s not get stuck on stupid people this is all Disney corporates fault for not reinvesting into the parks and their answer is we the consumers have to pay more for their mistakes.

    1. Not idiots Hep. They took economics. This is a class one can take at a college. You have to make it out of grade school to be able to apply FYI. Part of economics is supply and demand, and profit making based on product availability. Yes…Disney is very cheaply run in the parks division and doesn’t get it right. Until the prices are to the point people stop going and profits soar, it’s not high enough. The parks are absurdly crowded and the short answer is charging for everyone and charging the heavily. Sure, they aren’t in fear of another 2008, they’d build more. Just not worth it…or they would do it.

  15. I actually wouldn’t be as annoyed about this if it wasn’t for the fact this is just a sneaky way to increase overall ticket prices during an Iger age where park budget cuts, cast member hours and decreased attraction and entertainment options in the parks is becoming a norm.

    I highly doubt this will do anything to decrease crowds in any significant way. Disney just makes more money…

    Maybe Disney will call this new ticketing price increase “Magic Your Way +”. :-|

  16. Annual passholders and DVC members here, and I agree with the posts that price increase is a great idea. Not to line Igers pockets, but to thin hoards of crowds. SOME will not be able to afford it or go two days instead of 3. And that’s needed. It’s not a ‘right’ or public service. And I have a 18 and 7 month old, and can’t believe they let them in free. And have more people assigned to stroller parking areas than they have letting people in the long park lines. Bad business moves to let infants in free and to have let the parks get so overrun and cast members mainly there for crowd control, not anything else. Disney has had some great creative talent and occasionally a hit of a movie and characters that create the fans and loyalists. Business talent has never been their greatest asset though.

  17. haha, no babies or strollers at disney, it’s terribly inconvenient to the grown people that need to have all that space, because walking around people/babies/strollers is just tooo demeaning/annoying/difficult at disney!! lol…dear lord, some of you people are pure a%^hats….families, children and their little stroller riding siblings are one of the target markets- they get them in early, get them indoctrinated into the “happy Disney” mindset- letting them in free when they are one ensure that parents with older sibling will arrive and pay those exorbitant prices, and return when that one year old is 5 and now eligible to also pay the ridiculous prices. Babies at disney bother people, lol…jesus now I’ve heard it all. every day someone still manages to surprise me a little, thanks for the laugh.

    1. Where did you read a post on babies bothering people? I only see raising question on charging for all admissions to help thin the parks on busier days, which is the crux of the article. Sounds reasonable. Get a grip Dianna.

    2. I don’t think an infant is ready to take in the ‘happy disney mindset’, and even if that was true, you missed the point. None of which about adults aggravated with children. Give me a break.

      The prices released today…not enough of an increase if you ask me. And didn’t address every individual in the park paying.

    3. Hi Deanna ,
      The same way you get indoctrinated to attacking Disney’s outreach to children .
      Your problem is the fact that more children have more of a zest for experiencing and enjoying the opportunities that life has before them at Disney than most adults do where people like you come on here and bitch .
      Yes , You are an asshat in your own right by some of your own two faced statements .

  18. Every time I see the ticket prices go up, it reminds me of the line from Jurassic Park…

    “And we can charge anything we want, 2,000 a day, 10,000 a day, and people will pay it.”

  19. Fool me once shame on you, fool me 100 times… examine my brain. Then I’ll get on my knees and pray…we don’t get fooled again.

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