3/12/16 Marvel News Mash-Up (Breaking Down the Civil War Trailer)

Breaking Down The Newest “Captain America: Civil War” Trailer


The newest “Captain America: Civil War” was released this week and this trailer gives us a better idea of the story than anything we have seen before. Lets take a look at the trailer first and then I will give my interpretation of what is going on.

Keep in mind that this is all speculation and opinion on my part based on what I am seeing and from what I have read from the Civil War comic book series. Also after viewing this trailer several times, the placement of these clips are not chronological and they are cut together in a way that may be intentionally deceptive. OK, here we go.

41The first shot we see is an island in a frozen wasteland. This appears to be holding someone dangerous, who ends up being….

1Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier. Is this a flashback scene from a Russian military base showing The Winter Soldier emerge from his programming and or hibernation?

3General Thunderbolt Ross, from “The Incredible Hulk”, now represents the committee that is enforcing the Superhero Registration Act, which requires all superheroes to register and be under Government control.

32Ross breaks down the damages that Captain America and The Avengers are somewhat responsible for. New York: $18.8 billion in damages, 74 casualties.

33Washington DC: $28 billion in damages, 23 casualties.

34Sokovia: $474 billion in damages, 177 casualties.

36You can tell that Steve Rogers/Captain America does not agree with Ross. The superhero registration will affect many of the heroes’ freedom as well as the safety of their loved ones. Captain America stands for freedom and will be the face of those heroes against registration.

4This appears to be T’Challa/Black Panther as the victim of an attack during a conference. It is rumored that T’Challa’s father is killed in the attack and that The Winter Soldier is responsible. This could explains why Black Panther has been seen fighting with The Winter Soldier in the trailers. Is Bucky being set up?

42Tony Stark/Iron Man informs Steve that he agrees with Ross and the pro registration act and that all heroes should be under the Governments control.

6A base emerges from the sea and it appears to be a prison for those heroes that will not comply with registration.

37Here are some of the holding cells reserved for those heroes that refuse to register.

7Tony is in the base with the holding cells behind him. Tony also appears to be bruised and his arm is in a sling possibly from his battle with the escaped Winter Soldier.

8The Black Panther shows his agility and speed as he peruses The Winter Soldier, who is escaping on a motorcycle. Even with Cap’s enhanced speed, he can not keep up with The Black Panther.

9Winter Soldier fires at weapon at a potential target. This scene may be misleading and cut in the trailer to make us believe that he is firing at…

10James “Rhodey” Rhodes/ War Machine. It appears the shot hits the Arc Reactor, the source of War Machine’s power, causing him to plummet from the sky and crash in a field.

11Tony rushes to Rhodey’s side after he crashes and removes his face mask.

43Is Rhodey dead? It sure looks like it to me. This could fuel Tony’s anger to kill Bucky, who also killed Tony’s father as The Winter Soldier. Also, is this during the big fight between Team Cap and Team Iron Man? That looks like an airport in the background which is where the big battle in the trailer takes place and War Machine is present at that time. Alive or dead, I cant see Rhodey getting back into that suit anytime soon.

39As in the comic book, Tony and Steve meet one last time to try to and prevent a war occurring between the two opposing sides. From the trailer you can tell that this movie has to deal with more than a registration act and that Cap is trying to protect his best friend, Bucky, who he believes is not responsible for his actions, or possibly being set up.

50Iron Man attacks Cap and informs him that Cap has started the war. Winter Soldier is seen behind Iron Man and this could be the start of the 2 on 1 battle between Iron Man, Cap and Winter Soldier. Who is that person in siting in the chamber to the right?

BUC0410_TRL_v014.1027Black Panther fights Winter Soldier while being shot at by a hail of bullets. Black Panther’s suit is made of vibranium, the same material as Cap’s shield, which makes him invulnerable to bullet fire.

14Scarlet Witch’s powers brings Vision to his knees. With Vision possessing the Soul Stone, he should be more powerful than Scarlet Witch. Is he intentionally holding back?

15Hawkeye fires an arrow that contains Ant-Man on the tip.

46The arrow propels Ant-Man to get close enough in order to possibly enter and disable Iron Man’s suit.

16Cap fights his enemy, Crossbones, which could be at the very start of the movie. Or is it the end?

17Cap and Iron Man go at it. This could be a continuation of the scene that was shown previously that starts the war or a different battle. But where is The Winter Soldier?

51Iron Man orders Cap to “Stand down.” Cap replies, “I can do this all day.” This line was said by Steve in “Captain America: The First Avenger” when he was being beaten by a bully in an alley and Bucky arrives to rescue him. Do those words trigger Bucky to fully remember that Steve and Bucky were best friends?

28This scene takes place at an airport. It looks like five on six but a sixth is about to appear very soon to even things up. Where is Sharon Carter, who has been shown previously as a member of Cap’s team?

20Tony has had enough and decides to call in his secret weapon and yells, “Underoos!” Notice War Machine is by his side, as I had mentioned above. I’m still not sure if this is in the middle of the movie or the end mostly because of War Machine’s appearance.

19A web from above attaches itself to Cap’s shield. Also, did Black Widow switch sides?

24Here is our first look at Spider-Man as he makes his MCU debut. Notice he has black webslingers.

29It’s a little hard to see but he has a big red spider on his back. That’s his classic design from the comics and something we have never seen before with previous Spider-Man movies.

21Not only does Spider-Man nab Cap’s shield, he ties Cap’s wrists together with his webs.

TRC0200_v005_036854.1061A very classic looking Spider-Man with some minor refinements. Some new stripes added to his arms and boots.  You can see some loops by his waist that may hold his web cartridges and the classic black spider that is more authentic to his costume in the comic books.

TRC0200_v005_036854.1094For the first time we get to see Spidey’s eyes move. This has been done in the comic books and some of the cartoons too. This costume does look great but it is all CGI and we still haven’t seen how the costume looks on Tom Holland.  You do hear Tom Holland say, “Hey everyone.” People have been debating if he is saying it to The Avengers or is he breaking the 4th wall, looking at the audience and saying it to the audience? What do you think?

Again, this is purely speculation and I am sure some will be true and some will be wrong. We’ll know in two months.


New Character Posters For “Captain America: Civil War”

Captain America vs Iron Man


This week Marvel released individual character posters for “Captain America: Civil War”. One group of posters was from “Team Cap” and the other group was from “Team Iron Man”. I did a little editing and combined the individual posters into a probable match up between likely combatants. Take a look:

Winter Soldier vs Black Panther


Hawkeye vs Black Widow


Scarlet Witch vs Vision


Falcon vs War Machine


Ant-Man vs Spider-Man*


*Unfortunately this is not our an actual image of the new Spider-Man in “Civil War” but this is a great manipulation using the design of Spider-Man from “Amazing Spider-Man 2” done by thecayco over at Reddit.

Source: Spider-Man art by thecayco

Chris Evans And Robert Downey Jr. Praise And Kid Around With Ryan Reynolds Over “Deadpool”


Kind of nice to know that even though at different studios, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Ryan Reynolds are still part of the same team.

It all started with Chris Evans tweeting and saying how much he loved Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool”:


Ryan Reynolds seemed honored by Evans tweet and seemed to join “Team Cap”:


Not to be outdone, Robert Downey reminded Ryan Reynolds that “Captain America” had a problem with superheroes using foul language:


Now that they all seem buddy-buddy, do you think that one day we will see Captain America, Iron Man and Deadpool in the same movie together?

Source: Ryan Reynolds @ Twitter

VIDEO: New “Suiting Up” Promo Video And Image For “Daredevil: Season 2”


Marvel and Netflix just released a new image showcasing The Punisher, Daredevil and Elektra from “Daredevil: Season 2”. We finally get a good look at The Punisher’s iconic skull shirt and it looks great! Check out the gang suiting up for their Season 2 debut:

Source: Netflix

VIDEO: New “Daredevil: Season 2” Promotional Video Introduces “Elektra” and “The Hand”


“Daredevil: Season 2” still remains very faithful to the comic book as shown in this new promo video showcasing fan favorite “Elektra” and Daredevil’s classic adversaries, “The Hand”:

Source: Netflix

“Daredevil: Season 2 debuts next week on March 18th on Netflix!

That’s it for this time!

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