BREAKING: Disney World Introducing $150 Paid After Hours Event At Magic Kingdom

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Disney has just announced a new paid after hours event called “Disney After Hours”.

With “Disney After Hours,” guests may purchase a ticket and get access to The Magic Kingdom for three hours after the park closes, including select attractions and meet & greets.

Tickets are on sale now for select dates in April and May only. Dates of the events are April 14th, 21st, 28th, and May 5th, 8th, 12th, & 19th. Tickets are $149 plus tax each for children or adults. At that price, we imagine space is very, very limited and lines should be almost non-existent.

Disney has since announced that guests who buy tickets to the event may begin to check-in at 7PM, allowing them a few more hours of park enjoyment before the other guests leave at park closing time.

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Joe moved from New York to Florida back in 1997. He currently resides in St. Petersburg and visits the parks frequently. His first visit to the Magic Kingdom was when he was 8 years old back in 1974. Joe originally originally started as a photographer for WDWNT and is now the host of WDWNT: Nerd Alert, our movie reviewer and reports the news for WDWNT. You can contact Joe through email at [email protected]


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    • That was exactly what came to mind when I read this. Disney is now charging for what used to be included in resort stays and park tickets. There seems to be a move to control crowds by upcharges and outpricing the average visitor. It looks like my Disney experience is fast becoming something of an elitist privilege. Gone are the days when everyone paid for a park ticket and got the same opportunities as the next person to make the most of a day at the park. The only thing I’m unsure of right now is whether I’m standing in awe, feel sad about Disney as we once knew it or if I’ve tuned out to these frequent changes. It’s sad too know that proportionately fewer children will get the opportunities that ours did.

      • No one should expect to do everything at WDW on a given trip. And it’s a privilege (not a right) to be able to go in the first place. People are complaining that they’ll never be able to go back. But what about people who have never even been once?

        • My kids are 12 and 14 and we’ve never been able to take them. Looks like they’ll never get there now! It’s ridiculously priced as it is. wonder what Walt would think of all this….

        • Thank you , Andrew .
          I think based on what I`ve seen is Disney has been too fixed for way too long on pricing and discounting everybody into the parks thinking that they are going to be able to make everybody happy.
          Way too many people have been entitled to doing Disney over and over again vs. a person who is just visiting for the first time.
          There are people who visit more frequently who are starting to learn to enjoy what they have while they have it and not try to control what they can`t . Disney Parks Vacations have been so affordable even at their most expensive recently that the time that is spent even with Disney is not special anymore and now that Disney has cut trying to price everybody in , Disney Parks Vacations will start to become more special in due time if Disney keeps going down this path .
          No more of this guest quantity . It is way past time for Disney to continue to get back to guest quality service .
          And that is what everyone will want who is able to visit there in the end instead of leaving everybody butting heads with each other for their Disney Experience .

          • I agree. To pay $100 and have to deal with the massive crouds is not worth it. If it weren’t that busy, it shouldn’t take a full day to see the Whole park. I would much rather save, pay a bit extra and actually ENJOY the visit.

      • This is a separate event that isn’t part of the Extra Magic Hours, you don’t have to go and I think your post is commonplace of the ill informed posts that are online these days. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, just go during regular hours or during EMH if you are staying on site, if you don’t wish to go to one then don’t, but, complain when you have no clue what you are talking about, once again, this isn’t EMH, that will be on another night. No one is forced to pay for anything at Disney except a regular park ticket. Sheesh, posts like yours annoy me, try doing a bit more research before writing posts like this. One final point, if Disney is so expensive and becoming ‘elitist’ then how the heck do you explain the increasing crowds and quite frankly, many are hardly from high income backgrounds. I wish it was so expensive that it would lower visitor numbers a bit and if someone else wants to pay for the exclusive guided tour that families now appear to be doing or do events like this then that is their business so god bless them for wasting their own money and it isn’t affecting you, me or anyone else, so quit the griping and vacation elsewhere.

  • The only one thing I would add is that E-Ride nights were there long before Extra Magic Hours…and in some ways were better. That said, it was only $20 a ticket for the same amount of time…This is sadly not that at all.

  • I bet we’ll see regular closing hours happening earlier as well. Guess we won’t see fireworks unless we’re willing to spend $600 (!!!) for our family of four? Yikes.

    • I don’t think so. The dates they listed are not the same as the dates they have listed for Magic Kingdom PM extra magic hours. Typically MK has PM Extra Magic Hours on Wednesdays. The dates listed for this new event were Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Sundays.

  • Nick it will have to. They can’t offer EMH on those nights so on site guests will see a reduction in “perks” for staying on site. Seems Disney is cutting off their nose despite their face.

    • There are 4 parks that offer EMH. The day for the DAH people wont be the same day for EMH people. So if today’s EMH are at EPCOT, DAH people are at MK. If tomorrow’s EMH are at the MK, then there would be no DAH that day. And DAH is only for one park, whereas the EMH are for all the parks. Although, im not sure about the water parks offering EMH. I personally have never seen the water parks have EMH.

  • Relax everyone. This is not taking place of EMH in any way, as they are still being offered on other dates throughout the week. The park doesn’t close to day Guests prior to 10pm on any of these particular nights, and fireworks will still be presented during regular hours. These are simply special events, much like MNSSHP & MVMCP, and Disney will most likely sell out every one of them.

    • Surely you can see a scenario where if this test is successful, it will lead to the parks closing at 10pm every night (no more evening EMH’s) and Disney planning one or more of these money-grabs each week? Thus another example of us all getting less value for the $$’s that we spend.

      • I’ve never planned a trip around EMH and neither should you. They’re “bonus” hours only. And one shouldn’t expect to do an entire park in one day. It is what it is.

      • The are also imposing a mandatory gratuity of 25% on all table service meals starting in April!

        • I’m going at the end of April and have table services every day. I didn’t see anywhere in the agreement terms there being a mandatory 25% tip. We’re a party of 6. It says 18% still, and I just made a reservation for BOG on April 27.

  • Those dates are all Thursday nights. Magic Kingdom wasn’t scheduled for EMH on any of the nights for which these tickets are being sold. And there is an EMH morning scheduled for the Magic Kingdom the morning after each of these special events. I don’t really see where the idea that this is taking anything away from guests who do not purchase the event ticket is coming from. This is an extra add-on, not a replacement for anything being offered to guests in general. At that price, I’m not willing to pay to experience it. But I’m sure there are some for whom that cost will be a worthwhile. This basically looks like a cross between a hard-ticketed party and the old E-Ride nights. The price premium is, in my opinion, excessive. But as the article says, that price point suggest that a very limited number of tickets will be sold.

  • So for a family of 5 $745 for 3 hours that’s ridiculous.My family will be at magic kingdom May 8th so guess they will rush you out at park closing. ?

    • This article doesn’t state when the extra hours will be. If 11pm-2am, you shouldn’t have an issue because who can stay up that late anyway? Frankly, if you get there at 9am and stay through fireworks at 9:30pm, you should have enough time to do everything you want to. By the way, Saturday in MK is the single busiest day of all the days and parks combined.

    • Also you won’t be rushed out of the park. You simply won’t be able to ride any rides after regular park close if you don’t have what I assume will be a wristband. I’m sure you’ll be able to do all the shopping you want on main street and work your way out just like any other night after closing.

  • If they are charging this for 3 hours, what are they going to charge for the 5 hour Halloween and Christmas parties?

    • Same price they’ve always charged? It costs the park a lot more to stay open for 8K (or however many) people vs. 24K for Halloween and Christmas.

    • And if they sell as many tickets for this as they do for the parties, it would for sure not be worth it. If only a few thousand tickets were sold, I would pay for that during peak weeks…if I were rich, of course.

  • What is there to do at Disney now, besides to shop for junk, character meet and greets and wait in lines? Most of the parks have reduced the number of ‘attractions’, and considering how many more people go, it’s really just a mall and place for kids to get a pic with a character. Paying $150 for 3 hours seems about par for their crowd honestly.

    You’re crazy if you don’t think they’re dropping extra magic hours. They couldn’t care less about safety, guest experience, or service. We went yesterday and 3/4 of the entrance gates were closed, just 4 open. Long lines. It’s all efficiency and money.

  • Time to sell my DVC. The corporate greed is getting WAY out of control. They keep jacking up the prices, taking away alot of things that used to be included, and offering less. BTW, the parks are dirty, the staff is rude, and the experience is not what it used to be. They are taking the MAGIC out of the Kingdom!!!

    • You know what Mike, I will take your DVC just so I don’t have to listen to you grip and complain. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you are serious. Otherwise shut your mouth because stuff like this has been going on for years. Jesus get a grip people.

      • You are my new hero, Andrew! But seriously, we all know Mike won’t sell. He, like everyone else complaining, is just complaining because they think their empty threats are being read by Disney execs and they’ll be like “oh no! The public has spoken!”. Money talks people, until you all band together and actually put your money where your mouth is and actually boycott the parks Disney will continue to make these types of changes. But you won’t stop going. You’ll just complain.

      • Andrew—I’ve been in DVC since ’03 & probably have spent min 75k down there over the years. I feel Mike’s frustration but I agree with your response. You seem very reasonable & I’m on the fence with selling or not selling my membership so tell me what to do! When I got in, it was certainly more affordable back then, & I wouldn’t dare buy 200 points now. Some days I want to sell, & others I feel like I would be dumb to sell. My kids are 17 & 20. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated. Thx! Steven

        • Steve, I wouldn’t sell. My kids are 21 and 25. I went to Disney with my wife on DVC points and didn’t do the parks last year. Did a trip to Mt. Dora, rode the Orlando Eye, did downtown Disney, etc. Point is there is plenty to do while staying on property. When you have grandkids you will regret selling your DVC.

    • Mike you are correct they don’t want to pay cast members descents salaries, they keep taking more benefits and perks away. That is why the service sucks. The cast just don’t care anymore.

    • What are you talking about? It’s an extra event that’s got nothing to do with normal park hours. You could never stay as long as you wanted. They’ve always closed at some point.

    • Reducing park hours to accommodate special events is par for course in Disney World. This would be nothing new. What is bothersome is how much this sounds like EMH. I’m skeptical this event will transpire as Disney is known for giving such events a special theme making them have more value than what we’re reading here. Waiting and watching….

  • Disney could not care less about any individual. The place makes outlet malls look fun. Most people will whine, but pay whatever they ask. And then some. The parks are busting at the seems. People can’t spend money fast enough to stand in lines to spend more.

  • Disney is NOT a not-for-profit operation. Why does every body run in circles screaming every single time the company take an opportunity to improve the bottom line? What’s so wrong with maximizing your potential. The only people I really feel sorry for is the staff that will have to keep this huge machine running for those extra three hours a day.

    • Especially Rib when they pay most at or just above minimum wage and they have cut hours for thousands of employees. Many attractions right now do not have enough cast to even follow proper closing procedures.

  • This is not official. There is no such announcement. I work for Disney and this story is false

    • I understand your response if this ‘news’ is still a rumor, but unless you hold a high ranking office in the company you won’t know most of the discussions going on in the company, Would be better to say this is rumor, until otherwise verified or discredited.

    • I work for disney as well, and we received emails about this change days ago. (and I’m not high ranking or “official” at all)

  • This is a special ticketed event. No relations to EMH. This a 1 month event. If you do not have this special ticket you will be unable to stay till 2 am. No EMH will be on thise nights.

    • Didn’t you just say this wasn’t true two days ago? I can find official offers and debate ordering.

  • Here’s my question…What are the times? What I mean is it like the Mickey Not So Scary Haloween Party where unless you pay the park closes at 7pm.

  • It is not true that it is a paid EMH. It is a Special Ticket Event. I have the Email here and it is a limited time event. If you do not have the ticket you will not be able to stay even if you are a Resort guest. People need to wait till the official Announcement comes out from Disney before making assumptions about things. 150 is for more then 3 hours. More options will be released with the OFFICIAL Disney Notice.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous! We’ve been going to Disney World for 26 years, always stay on site, and we love it, BUT this is just an EMH at a huge cost. Three hours at $50 and hour is just crazy. The cost of the the resorts are already so high many cant even afford it anymore, the food costs keep rising, they’re talking about adding a resort fee. Enough!

  • you do not have to purchase it. This is only a limited time event. No one is pulling your arm to buy it. Resort Guests still get the EMH normally Scheduled. So all of you who are upset over it just do not buy it. It is that simple. Every Park in Orlando raised the prices at the same time at virtually the same rate.

  • I feel bad for those of you who never got to experience WDW in the days of A,B,C,D and E tickets. Disney in the 70 and 80s was the best. From what I see and hear now, nothing will ever compare to it.

  • Ticket pricing is becoming equal between all parks. Understand that Inflation is the reason that prices go up in any business model.

  • They’re out of their minds! The extra three hours used to be called an e-ticket night for resort guests only at a cost of $12!!!!!

  • Disney thinks they can charge such inflated prices because this is the peak season where the parks will be a 10 out of 10 every day!!!

  • I’ve been to WDW 27 times and my last trip is my last trip. I won’t be going back. Next trip south, I’ll spend a little time at Universal, but it won’t be the same as WDW used to be. I guess that I just don’t make enough money anymore.

  • This is insane. This comes after they just raised the dining plan price and ticket prices! This might just be our last trip to Disney this year. With airlines prices and Disneys mega price tag, it will cost is 1k per day! That’s just crazy. Yet so thankful our children have been able to experience the magic.

  • Do any of you people understand that this an OPTIONAL event? There are no EMH scheduled for those days. So you would just leave anyways. This does not affect you in any way. My god.

  • I think this is a great opportunity for the people who can afford it and like to be up late! It’s not taking away from anyone’s park visit. The gates would have been closed. Feel kinda bad for the transportation people and park workers who will be working really late on those nights. But it’s a great marketing idea for someone willing to pay for really short lines!!

  • Disney needs to put the crack pipe down. 150.00 for 3 extra hours. If it’s not a crack pipe, it’s glue.

  • I’m not upset by this but I cannot help but notice there is no one saying that they cannot wait to go.

  • This feature was 10 dollars 10 years ago. Disney has become so ridiculously priced we stopped going ( I’ve been over 40 times). But who can afford it now? Not me. I cruise instead

  • My family’s last trip was Feb ’15. Crowd levels were high for what I thought would be a slow time of year. The trip was more expensive than we have ever paid, and I was surprised that we received poor customer service in several scenarios during our trip – really surprised. We have had many wonderful trips to Disney and thought we wanted many more, but we can no longer rationalize the price for what we’re getting. We made a choice as a family to “move on” from Disney, and what a great choice that has been! We have 3, possibly 4, vacations planned for the next two years – Colorado/South Dakota, Maine, France, and Kiawah Island – all cheaper than Disney and all providing life experience that we would never have had if we were to stick with the same vacation spot every year. Disney pushing me out as a customer made me realize that there is a world out there to finish exploring that my family was missing while in the Disney bubble. Thank you, Disney!

  • This is horrible. Are they going to close down the parks that have these event earlier? It is one thing to do the seasonal Halloween and Christmas extra admissions. It is a different story to charge for what has been a perk of staying on the grounds. I love Disney, but I hope this blows up in their face. It seem like they are taking a lesson from U.S. air providers. And we all know how satisfied people are with the extra charges applied to flying these days.

  • I have been a major Disney fan for years but I am getting fed up with all the “extras” they are coming up with. It’s already out priced most families and there is no end in site. Every time they add another, it takes away from the experience you thought you had already paid for. It will come back to bite them.

  • People , this is virtually no different than what they do with Mickey’s Not – So – Scary Halloween Party , Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party , etc . Nobody says that you have to pay the extra fee to stay in the park and take part in this event .
    Plus , To Curtis Swierk about this coming back to bite Disney . What has been coming back to bite Disney is people fighting each other for front of the line access to attractions , etc . while waiting in line for a long time to do something in the parks because they let the parks get so overcrowded that people have to be the first one in at rope drop early in the mornings or they are out of luck for that day . And those who have been way too entitled into going to visiting Disney’s properties very often know more about what the deal is . You will find a way to come back to Disney again . The thing is that it won`t be so much that you think that you control the operations of the parks . It will just be a more affordable option to give someone else outside of yourself their time to enjoy their Disney Experience instead of just trying to make the whole Disney World revolve around you all the time .

  • Let ‘s wait and let Disney give all the details . The prices will always go up , I have never known Disney to short change any one on service . I have found them to be one of the most honorable company I have ever dealth with.

    • You GOTTA be high on something. Disney short changes service at every level! It’s spring break and half the parking and entrances are closed, as are many areas of the park and where there used to be a couple people to help move people and make a pleasant experience, there’s now none or one. Parts of restaurants roped off so they don’t have to hire someone at minimum wage go clean tables, while HEARDS of people are standing to eat, and bumping into each other like it’s New Years Eve in time square. You stand in a long line at Disney for everything.

      They have every right to raise prices, but their service is terrible.

  • Disney tickets are overly prized, poor people can’t afford to go,it’s a shame even the season passes for FL residents are almost the same for visitors, the lines are long, the food is way over priced and and kids don’t enjoy all that money u spend,if they are lucky the get in on two rides,we need to take this to fb,get other feed back,which will help, lol people need to spend their money on a cruise instead of Disney, more fun,food is free,and everyone is happy, as a Florida resident I can’t afford to go back to Disney. Very disappointed. Oh well! !!!!

  • “Disney has just announced a new paid after hours event called “Disney After Hours”.”

    Can somebody point me to where Disney actually announced this?

  • Are they kidding?! Now they are charging for extra magic hours? Bad enough the prices are sky high…and that resort guests only get 2 extra evening hrs in select parks these days cut back from the original 3hrs….but now they are trying to make this a paid for “event” without all the grandeur of Halloween or Christmas? Only one way this is going to stop people… don’t pay for it!!

  • To clarifiy…I know they are not actually charging for EMH…but it is LIKE charging for it. Making this a special ticket event that in no way is as special as the Halloween or Christmas events. Yes, people don’t have to do it. That is the ONLY way Disney will see it is NOT a good idea. They are trying to find money to pour into their Shanghai park unexpected expenses and this is their latest endeavor. Making a hard ticket ” event” that looks and smells a LOT like extra magic hrs. Does anyone recall the Pirate and Princess hard ticket event? It didn’t last very long as their wasn’t enough interest and value compared to Halloween and Christmas so Disney had poor profit margins and ceased the event. This too shall pass. It is just really annoying.

  • I visited Disney with my gf and we were so disappointed. So many rude people. Prices just keep going up and up. Bottom line is as long as people are willing to pay that price Disney will keep up and up. We both agreed that our next trip will be Universal. We had such a blast there. It was an all day fun day with no issues. Disney is just getting to the point we’re the fun side is going away. If your on a budget Disney is just not the way to go. Sad but true.

  • For those of us who are older and remember the day when you bought your Disney park tickets and ALL the tickets were park hopper (and never expired), this is just another sign that Disney is pushing to make money. And the sad thing, in my opinion, is that Disney isn’t delivering on their end. My last few trips have been ok but I’ve not been impressed with any of the new additions to Magic Kingdom. That cheap mermaid ride they opened in the new section is pathetic. The new roller coaster…not worth the wait and the food is average at best. And please don’t bother telling me how I haven’t eaten the right meal in the right place because I’ve been all over those parks for 23 years and it’s not what it use to be.
    The big perk to staying inside the park was the extra Magic hours. Now it’s “extra money hours.” The prices are exorbitant… dollars are going somewhere else.

  • Temporary upcharge event to make up for overruns of Shanghai Disneyland, similar to how there were a bunch of upcharge events a few years ago to make up for over runs of My Magic +.

  • Since Disney is a profit making business, they will continue to search for new revenue streams to boost the bottom line and push the limits of what people can afford. I am just not sure just how much traffic the road can bear. My wife and I will visit less, stay off property if it makes financial sense and eat off site or bring our own food. Disney food is mediocre at best anyway. Disney is doing one thing for sure and this is making it very difficult to afford. $150 a head for a few extra hours? I don’t think so!

  • I think this is awesome! I could do MK in 3 hours, instead of 2 days with wall to wall people. Sign me up! And yes I am a DVC owner and a regular visitor.

    • The problem is that they supposedly will only have a select few attractions open. I know the morning one will only have three attractions…this will probably be more than that, but nowhere near everything.

  • Great idea…although I think it may be short lived due to the price. If you have the cash enjoy. If not the extra hours don’t really effect you at all.
    Keep in mind some nights have extended hours for various parks.
    I am a Happy well satisfied DVC member as well.

  • It’s a separate event that is optional, so those of you complaining about not being able to go to WDW, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. I would like to know exactly what you get for the money? Can you get free drinks and snacks? What characters are going to be there and I would like to think less kids there. Perhaps Disney would like to make this late nights only for over 16s, now I would pay extra for that!

  • This is an awesome deal. The Magic Kingdom is a truly memorable visit. Whether it is exploring Cinderella’s castle or a ride on the Astro Orbiter, there’s something amazing about this park.

  • The Magic Kingdom is closing at 7pm, 8pm, or 9pm most nights starting in September with no late EMH during the summer past midnight. This has to be because they intend to add more of these “Paid” extra hours. What good will it do to stay in an onsite resort, if they are cutting out…not only the EMH…but the later regular hours. SMH!

  • What Disney does with pricing does not offend me, they are a private company, and we as a family will ultimately decide where to go and spend our money. what offends me are those who run to websites to excuse their abusive overall pricing, from Hotels to their terrible- junk food, they will look for excuses in order to make you feel that Disney is actually being nice to you for the “perks” you receive”, etc, well, there are no perks, everything is calculated in a cost per person basis. Disney gives nothing for free, there are no perks, there is only money to be made and you are paying for every single inch of the parks.

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