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BREAKING: First “Rivers of Light” Preview April 6th, 2 Probable Nightly Showtimes Revealed

According to an internal document floating around, Rivers of Light at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will make its very first performance on April 6th.


The April 6th showing will be for Animal Kingdom cast only. All other Walt Disney World cast members will have access to previews of the show on April 8th, 9th, 12th, and 13th.

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There is some sort of “premium” annual pass holder and Disney Vacation Club member preview event being held on April 15th which will hold 4,000 guests, but we expect this to have an added fee (should be announced soon). Two normal AP and DVC preview nights are scheduled right after that for April 16th and 17th.

A press event premiere of the show will be held on April 19th and the show will of course open on April 22nd to all guests.

According to the document, showtimes once the show debuts will be at 8:30PM and 9:45PM nightly.

  1. Where did you hear about this? I’m a CM and Annual Passholder and haven’t heard of any of these things

    1. Just because you haven’t heard, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

      1. Also a CM, with high clearance, speaking here, and this document is not posted or distributed to any internal sources, so I very much question this “leak”.

        1. Perhaps your “high clearance” isn’t as high as you thought.

          1. When people wonder why there is a plethora of poorly sourced news and tidbits relating to park issues floating around, remember its because everyone on the internet thinks they know more than those involved at the source, and if we are met with rudeness, we have no desire to help. See you all in late May! I do hope no one changed their plans based on this false information. That would be quite inconvenient.

  2. Not true… The show is about 2 months behind schedule… My guess is they’ll drop the April 22 opening news not happening in the next few days!

    1. I’ve heard the same thing, hearing there are problems with the land based projectors.

  3. I plan on calling member services today for the latest update. I have been calling once a week during the past month

  4. Haha they always doubt Tom, yet he seems to get it right quite a bit. Lucky for us the ‘World will know in a few days ;)

  5. Well, I just got off the phone with the “Head Cheese” Mickey and he said he made this rumor up as an April Fool joke!

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