PHOTOS: Concept Art for Stunning Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs

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The Coca-Cola store coming to Disney Springs has been a point of excitement for many, but we have really had no idea what the finished product might look like. Well, now we do…


The new 3 story location includes a rooftop tasting bar which will surely offer beautiful views of the Springs below.


As you can see based on the current state, there is still a lot of work to go before the location opens this Summer.

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  • No offense meant to the photos, great work on this site and updates Tom…but what the HECK is Disney thinking? The most exciting thing they have going for them is cool looking retail space now? And who drinks Coca Cola now a days either? What a waste of space. I find it hard to get very excited over a store like this I will never do anything but walk past or through, once. Compared to Adventurers club, rides, unique fun that they sure, they made money at, but it wasn’t so in your face with no real ‘experiences’. It’s just rude at Disney parks now, honestly.

    • Disney is thinking with dollar signs in their eyes. They don’t care if anyone drinks the product, however take note it is on the menu of every place to stop and grab a drink in the Disney owned area.

      Coke a Cola sees this as a fantastic marketing opportunity that in their opinion will pay for itself. (How many other products have a HUGE billboard in the middle of Disney Springs?)

    • David, are you not aware of all the other things coming soon to WDW?
      Have you chosen to moan and cry because you don’t like Coke?

      Are you just ignorant?

      Get a grip buddy.

  • Is this going to be just a retail store or will it have a bottling company? It would be an interesting attraction if it included a bottling company (or fake one for a demonstration), history of Coca Cola, tour, and museum (like they have in Atlanta). On the other hand, I’m sure this will be a popular place during the hot months to get some free cold soda samples.

  • i think it’ll be a great addition to Disney Springs, there are coca cola products everywhere you go in the Disney parks, and hotels, frozen cokes, coca cola merchandise in club cool, and now with the coca cola store coming, you also get a meet and greet with the polar bear from the commercials, this’ll be something to look forward to :D

    • Nicely written reply Michael :) Coca Cola is a major distributor with Disney Parks … folks do not have to go in if they don’t want to, but it’s not like it’s a new product that Disney is promoting. They are already under contract for these products to be everywhere! I think it will be a pretty cool thing to look forward to as well ;)

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