PHOTOS: Interactive Finale Finally Debuts at “it’s a small world”; More To Come

In the earliest days of speculation about MyMagic+, we reported about the installation of various interactive features in attractions that would allow guests to interact with the environment via RFID technology in MagicBands and ticket media.

In January of 2013, the finale scene of “it’s a small world” at the Magic Kingdom was completely rebuilt. In October of 2013, we were the first to bring you video of a series of screens installed in that new finale scene of “it’s a small world”. The scene included new screens that we reported would eventually give personalized farewells to guests as they reached the end of the ride.

Well, 3 years after work on the scene initially began, it is finally functioning…


It seems Disney may finally be ready to roll out these “StoryMaker” elements that were installed years ago when MyMagic+ was initially rolled out. These elements include this finale scene, but also interactive elements installed but not activated inside Star Tours, the Hollywood Brown Derby, MuppetVision 3-D, and Expedition Everest, just to name a few.


The elements will use information read from the RFID media the guests are carrying, such as their names or park photos, to create personalized moments. This technology will also allow characters at meet and greets to know the names of the guests they are meeting or cast members at various locations to know when a guest is celebrating a special occasion.

We will have more on these new elements as they continue to roll out.