PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Star Wars Character Shows Debut Early at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Originally slated to debut today, Sunday saw the soft opening of two new Star Wars entertainment offerings at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


The first show features Captain Phasma leading a battalion of First Order Stormtroopers through the park, leading them to the Center Stage for a short show:

While short, this show is very well put together and sure to delight fans of The Force Awakens. It’s quick, accurate to the film, and a really nice touch several times throughout the day. My suggestion is to stand by the Launch Bay restrooms around the time of this show and simply follow the march once they pass you. They will lead you all the way up to the stage and a great viewing location in the very center.

Then there is Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away…


This show is bad, real bad. Other than a few really great photo-ops and an appearance by a cool, new BB-8 character, this show falls flat. It’s just a series of film clips followed by quick character appearances:

I feel like guests standing in the hot Florida sun will not think their time was well-spent waiting for this disaster to happen. Hopefully it isn’t too late to re-tool this, otherwise I foresee a lot of disappointed guests this summer.

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  1. Today the show was cancelled after smoke start pouring from under the stage. They delayed three times and then finally cancelled it.

  2. The best ending to this show would be if, after the music stopped, Kylo Ren just ran up to Darth Vader yelling “GRANDPA!!!” and gave him a huge bear hug.

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