BREAKING: Disney Dollars to be Discontinued May 14th, 2016

Tom Corless

BREAKING: Disney Dollars to be Discontinued May 14th, 2016

Disney Dollars, which have been an accepted form of currency at Disney Parks and the Disney Store (as well as a valuable collector’s item) since 1987, are finally being discontinued on May 14th, 2016.


Disney announced today that they will cease all sales of the bills on Saturday. Of course, all existing Disney Dollars will continue to be accepted at Disney locations as they do not expire.

Disney is citing the increasing use of gift cards and “digital currency” for the stop in sales and production of Disney Dollars.


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  1. Where was this announcement made? It doesn’t say anything on the website ordering page about it.

  2. Its just another cost reduction as these Disney Dollars actually cost them quite some money to fabricate, distribute etc. Also gift cards are less probably be hacked/faked.

  3. I’ve just phoned up and there isn’t an official date, they’re just selling until they’re out but they only have $1 and $5 left. You can order them to be shipped but shipping is $25 and can only buy $50 max x

  4. They haven’t had current years denomination for many years now. I ‘very been collecting since 1998…..but they haven’t had new ones since 2013. :-(

  5. Makes me sad…these little details they are losing ..make it so generic anymore…these bills worked for a lot of people in different ways, The gift cards are nice but the money had a little different edge to it…more and more cutbacks all to raise raise raise…they are really making some quick decisions these days and don’t realize just what they are doing…very sad

  6. Disney is losing some magic with this decision. I hate to see what happens next. They will guickly become an everyday business if these decisions continue. It’s the little things that make the magic real.

  7. The CEO is taking all the magic away with all the cuts being made and he is doing it in the interests of the shareholders. It is the shareholders we have to blame for all this cost effective bullschitt that is taking away all the little magic things.

    • The shareholders are to blame? You do realize that there are nearly 1 million individual shareholders of the Walt Disney Company? I do not think that the shareholders are the reason that something like Disney dollars is ending. Bob Iger does have to please the shareholders, but honestly do not think that Disney dollars is something that the majority of the shareholders would care and or even be aware of. While it definitely is unfortunate that the program is ending, almost 1 million shareholders shouldnt be blamed for it – that’s kind of a lazy analysis of the situation.

  8. They haven’t promoted them in a long time. They used to display them at the ticket booths and in the guide maps. I haven’t seen them since they went to the new ticket booths when DCA opened.

  9. Wow! I guess the world is ending! Disney is discontinuing Disney dollars. I didn’t know they still made them! Gheese people, really? The magic is gone! I guess we should all just stop going!

    • Considering that much of its live entertainment is getting eliminated and the fact that it’s getting prohibitively more expensive to visit the parks, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

      • It’s a great idea, not to mention the added benefit of having an extra $10-$15K in savings by not going.

  10. Straight from Disney website:

    There are 2 ways to order Disney Dollars before you arrive at Walt Disney World Resort:

    Order by Credit Card

    Call (407) 566-4985 and select option 5. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

    Disney Dollars purchased with a credit card are limited to $50 per day and a $15 shipping charge applies.

    Order by Cashier’s Check or Money Order

    Mail your payment and the address to which you wish us to send your order to:

    P.O. Box 10140
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

    Disney Dollars purchased with a cashier’s check or money order are limited to $650 per day (based on postmark date) and a $15 shipping charge applies. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

    About Disney Dollars

    Disney Dollars are the official currency of Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort and Disney Store locations in the United States—including Puerto Rico. They are available for purchase in 3 denominations—$1, $5 and $10—each with unique Disney Character portraits.

  11. I spent about 40 minutes waiting on the phone and found out they only have $10 bills left… you can buy up to $50 per credit card and maximum of 3 credit cards per person… $15 shipping each order

  12. So sad to see more and more Original magical experiences and items from Disney being discontinued or replaced

  13. HI,

    there is nothing on their web as of now. would you be able to give us the link so we can know for sure. thanks

  14. I`ll say it this way .
    Really even in the overall picture in general why is it that a day at Disney is not really all that special anymore ?
    You have Disney having to try to preserve the old experiences for the old generation of viewers who populate the parks acting like they rule the Disney Parks while they are also trying to expand their base by bringing up new experiences for a new generation of guests and don`t you all realize that no matter how you slice it that such a task costs Disney money to do ?
    I mean don`t you all realize that everything done on paper is ultimately going digital ?
    Look at it like this from a person who has not been able to even visit Disney very often in his life .
    I never even thought too much about Disney Dollars in the few times I visited Walt Disney World because they only work at Disneyland and Walt Disney World where I do have Disney Gift Cards and the Disney Gift Card works at the Disney Parks and the few Disney Stores and Outlets outside of the Disney Properties and the online Disney Store Shopping where I do not exactly have to be at Walt Disney World to use a Disney Gift Card .
    Do you finally see where the Disney Dollar would wind up falling to the Disney Gift Card now or are you too self appointed that even in such a time as these you all hold the whole World of Disney to what your experiences of it were and are
    and what you think it should be but are too lazy to apply for a job at Disney where you have a say so in what happens in the parks , etc .? Maybe that’s the problem here that Disney has been in the business of pleasing classic self appointed lazy people way too long .

    • I framed a few of them, because they’re special and unlike anything you’ll find at other parks making them magical. The rest of your words are nonsense, and typical Disney can do no wrong fan club fodder.

      “too lazy to apply for a job at Disney” One of the least intelligent things I’ve ever read on the internet, and I’ve been around a long time. How does one apply for an SVP, C-level, or board of directors position with the influence to make decisions like this at TWDC? We’re all ears.

      • Let me clear it up for you . The reason why I stated what I did was because I have been seeing people like you come on here and post complaints about things that are going to happen anyway no matter what you say
        and my thing is what are you going to do about it other than come on social media and complain because this is not going to work with them . All you are doing is acting like Disney is always doing wrong without any path towards causing them do things right . I am glad that you framed the Disney Dollars that you have and that they are special to you .
        In fact , I will even go as far as to say that I even like the artwork on most of the Disney Dollars more than I do the artwork on the Disney Gift Cards but is that stopping Disney from ending the production of the Disney Dollar ? No .
        All that’s going to happen is people like you coming to the internet to post a bunch of fair weather fan waste that is doing nothing about anything .

        • I didn’t “just come on here and complain”, I voted with my money and kept $15K from being deposited in Disney’s bank this year. Does it make a difference? If enough of us vote with our dollars it will. What you stated about getting a job at Disney to have a say so was nonsense, and you know it was.

          I love you you automatically assume all these things, I love Disney but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with every decision they make.

  15. OMG! No one has been the least bit interested in Disney Dollars for years! WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!

  16. All the fretting, blaming the CEO, and end of the (Disney) World talk over freaking Disney Dollars!? If Iger spends one second thinking about Disney Dollars, then, and only then should he be fired.

  17. It would have been nice to have more notice than 2 days. Disney should have made that announcement earlier. I found out on May 12th and went to WDW on May 13th at 2:00 and City Hall was already sold out and so was the GF and Contemporary, but got to the Polynesian and David at the front desk said he only had 7 five dollar bills left. If I had known before hand I would have bought more. A 2 days notice of something being discontinued isn’t enough time. These make great Christmas/Birthday gifts to our family and friends. Sad, they won’t be getting them from us anymore.

  18. Just at MK Guest Relations in WDW. Totally out of Disney dollars, all denominations. Epcot Guest Relations had $10 Stitch Disney Dollars this morning. So sad that it is the end of an era.

  19. This morning at Disneyland the hotels we all sold out, but World of Disney had lots of 1’s from 2000 and a few 10’s left (they were dated 2007). Did anyone else get any older years / dated Disney Dollars over the past two days?

  20. Let me put it all this way to all of you who miss the old Walt Disney World or Disneyland Experiences .
    I am talking about going back to 1955 for Disneyland and 1971 for Walt Disney World ,
    What if Disneyland or Walt Disney World never changed ? What if they still had the a through E ticket books today ?
    It would have probably been definitely more financially impossible to plan another Disney Vacation if those ticket books were still the admission to the parks and the rides now wouldn`t it ?

  21. I was on hold an hour- after hitting re-dial 13 times on May 13th to buy 5- $10 Disney Dollars, then Saturday morning I woke up early- got through to the queue right away but spent 45 minutes to buy 10 more $10 Disney Dollars (2 different cards). When I called on Friday I was told they only had $10’s left.
    My husband called to tell me they arrived today. I plan to put them in the safe and hope in the future to give to my granddaughter (and any other grandchildren I have). I expect them to be worth something some day and if not it will be nice to keep at least one as a souvenir to frame. It’s not really a risk because even if they never are worth anything extra they are still worth the face value at Disneyland, WDW or Disney Stores.

  22. For those of you who don’t know the actual value of some of these, look at eBay or sites like Kath’s Disney Dollars. Many of these bills, if in mint condition and/or graded are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars apiece. Disney Dollars were originally conceived of as a collector’s item. Many thousands of notes were never spent. Discontinuing these high-quality works of Disney art was a silly (and sad) choice.

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