BREAKING: First Details On How Disneyland’s FastPass+ Will Work

Get ready Disneyland, because paper FastPass tickets are about to be a thing of the past…

MagicBands aren’t coming, but digital FastPass is heading west…
Disneyland Resort will soon be ready to rollout their version of a next generation FastPass system, following in the footsteps of Walt Disney World’s introduction of FastPass+ a few years ago.

Unlike the Walt Disney World system, booking for Disneyland FastPass+ reservations can only be made DAY OF, none will be available in advance. The reservations will be able to be booked either via the mobile app, website, or via in-park kiosks. As far as kiosks are concerned, they will no longer require you to visit individual attractions; there will simply be a few of these stations park-wide that you can visit if you need to.

Unlike the WDW system, guests will be able to book just one FastPass at a time. Whether they use that FastPass or not, once a certain amount of time has passed, they may book another. Think of this as the current FastPass system, but gone paperless.

There is no word on how this switch-over will affect distribution for tickets to nighttime shows such as World of Color or Fantasmic! as of yet. It is also unknown if more attractions will begin offering FastPass queues once this new system rolls out (Walt Disney World nearly doubled the number of offerings with FastPass with the introduction of FastPass+).

Originally it was assumed the system would rely on RFID ticketing, and while still possible, it seems more likely it will be a barcode system that can be scanned off of a card or even the Disneyland mobile app.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.49.07 PM
The Disneyland App already has a digital ticket, so a barcode scan for FastPass make sense
No word has been given on when this system might roll out, but it sounds as if it may be soon, even before the end of 2016. Of course, everything read above is subject to change as Disney moves forward. Stay tuned for more information as an official announcement is expected to be made by Disney in the near future.

28 thoughts on “BREAKING: First Details On How Disneyland’s FastPass+ Will Work”

  1. Ever since the new system rolled out at WDW, you can pick 1, 2, or 3 FP+. Doesn’t have to be 3 anymore.

      • On thing that makes this change a little sad is that if we get fast passes for a ride and then decide to leave early in the afternoon before the time pops up I like to hand then to people in line buying one day tickets to help them get more out of the park. The last ones we had to give over were Splash Mountain around 1pm. I’m going to miss being able to do this.

  2. I sure hope they keep it DAY OF!! That’s what I love about Disneyland. We plan trips last minute and still get to ride all the most popular rides. I will be SO SAD if they make it the same as Disney World. I don’t want to plan more than 6 months ahead every time.

    • don’t be shocked if guests staying at the hotels get advanced-planning tickets at some point. I visit DLR every 2-4 years. It’s not a stretch to say if you are paying a high premium to stay on property, Disney would extend those guests the courtesy of picking a few “must do” attractions when planning their trips months in advance (since it will cost Disney nothing to provide). Unlike WDW, that is such a small number, I imagine locals won’t even notice beyond longer waits for Pan & Elsa

  3. I really am disliking that the powers that be are trying to turn DISNEYLAND into disneyworld…they are completely different animals

  4. I’m just curious, what is it that DisneyLand Park guests have against this? I understand not wanting to have it become like WDW , i.e. being able to select Fast Passes way in advance (trust me I hate it too). But other than that, what’s the downside? I see people commenting that that Disney is trying to turn DL into WDW. DIsneyLand will NEVER be Disney World, and that’s a good thing. I know this will never happen, but I hope this is successful so maybe Disney will consider doing same day fast passes at WDW.

    • I’m not against it as long as they don’t put it at EVERY attraction. part of the mess MyMagic+ is in is that they have it for every single attraction. When you do that, it forces everyone to lock in on a certain time for every attraction, causing longer wait times than necessary. Like Pirates and Haunted Mansion…you never encounter long wait times for those attractions in Disneyland because there’s no fastpass attached to it, but there are ones in WDW. It creates unnecessarily atrocious lines because if people can’t get fastpasses in other places they go there creating lines there. Awful system. Glad Disneyland is smart enough not to take on the flaws!

      • That makes complete sense to me. This is the main problem with Disney World. Personally, my family and I usually only do the rides we have fast passes for because quite frankly, everything else has ridiculous wait times. There is no reason why anyone should have to wait 45 minutes for the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Thanks to fast pass though, that’s the case.

    • I don’t care for the idea that thousands of people could be hitting the same ride simultaneously and dry up the distribution in minutes. The way it is now, you have to physically be at the ride which should count for something.

  5. So in the off chance that you don’t get to Disneyland until 5 p.m. that night can I make a fast pass reservation earlier in the day even though I’m not in the park? One of the rumors I heard was you could only make a reservation once you are in the park you are visiting (based on gps location).

  6. I actually like this plan and just one more reason I love Disneyland more than World. I don’t see any downside in this and just an upgrade. Fastpass++ has just been painful using it at WDW and a sad waste of development money.

  7. I’ve been hoping they don’t do this…I have to agree, I wanted to like this system, it made wait times a nightmare and has overall ruined he whole experience. I’d rather go Disneyland over WDW just to avoid the monster it has created.

  8. How are they going to validate admission? Can I just book a FastPass on the app while I’m in Houston, TX, even though I’m not in the park? Are they going to use Location Services in their app?

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