BREAKING: New Entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios To Be Built To Accomodate Star Wars Land

With demolition beginning in earnest at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Star Wars land construction, plans are now underway to replace the World Drive vehicle entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios with an entirely new entrance guests can utilize off of Osceola Parkway.

DHS entrance plan

According to permits recently filed with the South Florida Water Management District, the intersection between Wide World of Sports and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort will soon be home to exit ramps that will guide guests into the park while making room for the southern edge of Star Wars land at the very boundaries of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Sections of Osceola Parkway will also be widened to handle the expanded traffic expected.

The World Drive entrance did not open with the park, but has been a staple since the early 1990’s for the iconic film strip design

There is now word yet on if the Buena Vista Drive park entrance would close (or remain open just to buses) once this new entrance was complete, but it appears at the very least the World Drive entrance should be shuttered.

Disney has made no official announcement on the project as of yet.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: New Entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios To Be Built To Accomodate Star Wars Land”

  1. Looks like if you’re staying at Pop/Art of Animation, it will be a real short trip to get there, but I wonder about leaving DHS and going back. Will they keep the other entrance open, so you would essentially make a loop or go around the block?

  2. Thanks for the info on the Studios – Star Wars new entrances. We were just at Disney last week – Stayed at Pop Century and past the massive impressive interchange construction twice daily at Victory Way & Osceola Parkway. The overpasses & elevated ramps planned explain all the pier pile driving we saw.

    Our bus drivers kept mentioning a “Gondola Ride” system from the Studios to Animations, Pop Century and Caribbean Beach.
    Will it be large closed gondolas for maybe 20 people, wheel chairs, and electric scooter. The kind that are in the Alps. As opposed to the open 2 or 3 seat ski lift variety. Will they be available to Resort guests only? General public? Any pixs and info would be appreciated. Estimated operations date?

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