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DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom to Be Closed for 2 Months This Summer

Rivers of Light is delayed and Pandora: The World of AVATAR might be a year away, but Animal Kingdom is taking down one of it’s headlining attractions for 2 months this summer.


DINOSAUR will be closed July 25th until September 29th, 2016. The ride has seen a number of broken effects over the last few months, so it is expected these items will be fixed at this time before more attention is placed on the park next year with the opening of AVATAR. Other significant changes for the ride have been rumored over the last year or so, but it is unknown if any will be made during this closure.

  1. A lot of rides in wdw are closes or will be closed soon. How can they justify 100 bucks to enter a park with restaurants and shops?

  2. Doesn’t surprise. It became the joke of the trip a week ago as it kept going down!!

      1. Nothing . Disney still has more variety of services available than Universal and Disney will allow you to get reserve for that second que line for attractions for free unlike Universal who is cherry picking who they offer that choice to . .

      2. My dad still insists that he loves just sitting down at a Disney bench and take it all in. Universal has some great rides (and some specific effects that I would dare to say are more imaginative than Disney’s), but they haven’t nailed an overall great environment, even considering Hogsmeade. Universal’s best ambiance I’d say is Florida’s Jurassic Park trails and Welcome Center.

  3. The timing will never be right, just fix it so it doesn’t waste people’s paid time in parks

  4. It’s long overdue. No sense complaining about the timing it just has to be done. The very definition of “bad show”.

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