PHOTOS, VIDEO: Complete Walk-through NEW 3rd Track at Toy Story Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios

The world has anxiously been awaiting the addition of another track to Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for years now, not wanting to wait in the often incredibly long line that the attraction would boast most days of the year. Well, this afternoon the 3rd track finally opened (a few days early) to guests:


The new track enters from the merge area for both standby and FastPass, where cast members can then direct you to either the two pre-existing existing tracks or down a series of hallways to the new additional 3rd track of the ride.


Down to the left guests enter the series of hallways.




Guests then pop out in a very different iteration of Andy’s Room.



Much like in the Tokyo version, the vehicles travel under Andy’s bed.




The ride itself is pretty much the same, the only big difference is really that there is no staircase over the load and unload area, which let’s this side flow a lot better than the existing side.


The load and unload area here is much smaller and does not include the handicap access like the other side.


Guests then exit down a tent style hallway towards the area behind PIXAR Place, which will eventually be Toy Story Land.








Here is a video of the experience:

As of 11:00AM, Toy Story Midway Mania had pretty much no wait for stand-by, a byproduct of the additional track. I’m not sure this will remain the case, but clearly there has been an impact…


This is the wait time for the attraction as of 11:12AM ET. Clearly, this is much lower than it usually is at this time, and the wait is actually shorter than what is posted.

The new 3rd track at Toy Story Mania was scheduled to open on Friday, but should remain open from here on out.

9 thoughts on “PHOTOS, VIDEO: Complete Walk-through NEW 3rd Track at Toy Story Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios”

  1. Wait time is 55 minutes as of 12:30. I guess it isn’t going to have that great of an impact. I was pretty sure that would be the case. The issue has never been capacity on this ride…it is lack of anything else to do in that park.

    • “The issue has never been capacity on this rideā€¦it is lack of anything else to do in that park.” I would say the issue is both of those working strongly together. When the current park expansion finishes, the 3rd track benefits will be more obvious

      • Capacity was a major issue, more so than the availability of other rides. The vintage/newness of the ride is also what makes wait times high, generally, the newer the ride, the longer the wait time and that’s pretty much independent of the number of alternative rides in the park. Look at MK, plenty to do there, many rides and attractions but the Mine Train, which is the newest ride, has the longest wait times. Over in EPCOT, the newest ride is Soaring and that’s the one with the longest wait times. When it reopens with the extra theater and new film it will still have the longest wait times.

    • When we were there, the lowest the wait time ever got was like 85 minutes. So 55 doesn’t sound any worse than a lot of popular rides. TSM just always seems to be like 80-120 minutes. So that is still an improvement!

  2. I wonder if they are gonna do anything for toy story 4? It’s supposedly about bo-peep so they could convert dino darts into the baa-loon pop

  3. Shame you can’t go down the new route if you’re in a wheelchair.
    Same old, same old disabled access…..

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