PHOTOS: First Look Inside of New “Frozen Ever After” Ride Coming to Epcot at Walt Disney World

Today, we have a bit of an exclusive to share with you. Frozen Ever After is one of the most anticipated new attractions coming to Walt Disney World, but we haven’t seen much of what this ride will actually look like outside of some concept art. Well, that is about to change:


Above we see our very first look at what the scene where the boat plunges down a drop will now look like (you may remember this portion from the Maelstrom attraction). An audio animatronic Marshmallow and some projected Snowgies look on as the guest’s boat switches directions and heads down a waterfall.


Our second picture is of a Troll figure in one of the early scenes of the attraction. As you can see, these figures will have projected faces just like the Dwarfs in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride at the Magic Kingdom.

Keep in mind that the photos above are of the attraction under construction and are not what the absolute finished product will look like. Also, our apologies for the quality of the photos, but they were obviously taken by a cell phone camera by someone inside of the active construction zone.

Pretty cool, huh? Our source says the attraction might be a little behind schedule, but Disney is still claiming that the Frozen ride at Epcot will open in June.

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      • JoAnne’s intelligence may be at question but you are the one who does not know the difference between your and you’re!

      • You do realize that JoAnne could be a child right?

        And yes what someone else has mentioned, do not judge someone’s intelligence if you cannot decipher the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

    • Fast pass wont come online for awhile. They are having problems with the ride and might have to delay it till later in summer. Anna and Elsa Meet and greet will both open in June still.

  1. Take your negative comment and let it go. This attraction will be a nice addition to the parks and finally give those from Arendelle a place to stay. The opening was always said to be summer 2016 and it still looks like that will be the case. Deep Breath…we can make it…

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