REVIEW: “Morimoto Asia – Street Food” Counter Service Soft-Opens at Disney Springs

I took a trip over to Disney Springs last night in hopes that the soft openings for B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. were still ongoing, but a long the way I saw activity at the counter service window at Morimoto Asia that is also set to open on Sunday, May 15th at Disney Springs. The counter service location is titled “Street Food”, which may sound unappetizing, but the menu sounds pretty good:

A new walk-up window on the patio offers sushi, donburi rice bowls and bao tacos, plus snacks: such as takoyaki (octopus, nori, okomiyaki sauce), Morimoto sticky ribs, curry rice croquettes, pork egg rolls and taiyaki (snapper-shaped pancake filled with sweet adzuki red bean paste). Also on the menu: popping boba tea and an assortment of Asian-influenced beers and beverages.

Upon walking up, a manager greeted me and informed me they were actually just doing a short test to make sure everything is order, but, they would be happy to serve us. So, that’s how we became the first guests to dine at this new establishment.




Everything looked great





Should you have to pay, here’s the menu and pricing for Street Food


I decided to get what sounded like the most unique dish, the takoyaki (octopus, nori, okomiyaki sauce). I’ve had octopus before and I really enjoy it, so I figured it has to be good here based on my experiences at the indoor table service venue. It wasn’t bad, but the octopus inside the ball tasted a little off. The seasoning and breading around it had a great flavor, but something about the main ingredient just tasted slightly wrong. Again, the restaurant isn’t open yet, so I’d be willing to try this again and see if it can be better.



We also had the pork egg rolls, which were honestly the best egg rolls I’ve ever had anywhere. They had a nice, spicy kick and were cooked perfectly with a really crunchy shell.


Overall, I think this is a good start. I was thoroughly impressed with the effort the cast members working the window put into preparing each item. The presentation on each dish is table service quality which is something I’m not sure I say very often about any counter service location. I am very excited to return on Sunday and try a few other dishes, but the quality of the egg rolls (and some portions of the other dish) lead me to believe this is going to be a very popular spot at Disney Springs.

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: “Morimoto Asia – Street Food” Counter Service Soft-Opens at Disney Springs”

  1. Their table service restaurant is outstanding, so I am excited to be able to grab a quick bite from there as well! Question, was that octopus uncooked? It looks wet in the picture. I love octopus cooked for sure :)

  2. We have been to the restaurant several times and also recommend the sushi bar upstairs. I can’t wait to check out Street Food on Sunday. I only have one question – the wrap ups look like sushi rolls pre-made but I didn’t see a price for them unless they are something else. I shall find an answer out soon enough – today!

    Thanks for the pics and information.

  3. The Egg Rolls were better than Nine Dragons? The ones at EPCOT are the second best egg rolls I’ve eaten anywhere.

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