Concept Images of Cancelled Disney Infinity Figures Surface

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Over the past few weeks, a lot of cancelled ideas and concept art for Disney Infinity have begun to surface.

As reported by Kotaku, there was a ton of content in the works for the game, including new Play Sets, figures, and even some 12-inch premium figures that would offer some unique features.

Of course that news has been out for weeks now. Interestingly, now we are starting to get a look at what some of those characters may have looked like.

Most notable, the Dr. Strange figure has some impressive concept art up that appears to draw inspiration from the upcoming film.


This would be an obvious choice seeing as the movie is slated for a November 2016 release. Too bad we’ll never get to try him out in Marvel Battlegrounds.

Another piece of concept art that has come out is the premium Hulk figure.


This is believed to be the 12-inch figure that would launch with a special line-up of premium figures late this year. In addition to Hulk, we were also going to get a premium Hulkbuster, Elsa, and Jack Skellington.

Finally there is a character that would have really gotten Disney fans hyped.  Yes, a Peter Pan figure was in development, and as you can see below, he looked great!


It is really interesting to see all the content that could have been. Of course, we will keep you posted should any more information surface.

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Disney would be foolish to dump all the knowledge and code for the systems and further development. Stuff like this is a golden goose egg for revival. Unfortunately, management usually only sees the numbers when it comes to trying to keep any such knowledge and will often just tell their developers to ‘archive it’ which is akin to putting it all on a removable hard drive and tossed away.