REVIEW: La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico Begins Breakfast Service in Preparation for Frozen at Epcot

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With the opening of Frozen Ever After approaching, the Mexico and Norway pavilion have been testing out their new 9AM opening time with some new breakfast options. Over in Mexico, La Cantina de San Angel now opens with the park and offers four breakfast plates (and no margaritas before 11am, before you even ask me):



The tamal verde con huevos was a good sized dish for the price. The tamale was a little dry, but not bad. The scrambled eggs (or huevos) served with each dish are pretty good, slightly better than the Disney-made counter service scrambled eggs elsewhere.


The chilaquiles was the best of all of the dishes in both presentation and taste. Similar in texture to the tamale, this did not have the same dry taste. This would be my recommendation if you are eating here.


The pambazo de chorizo is a weird dish, almost tasting like a hamburger covered in marinara sauce. It wasn’t bad, just strange, especially for breakfast.


The huevos revueltos kid’s meal is a good size dish and includes a beverage and fruit. The potatoes had a good flavor, and all of the fruit tasted very fresh.


Overall, La Cantina serves up a solid breakfast. I’m not sure if they are adding this out of necessity, but I don’t think this is where I would get breakfast at Epcot if given a choice. The bakeries in France and Norway have a really solid pastry lineup I would likely choose over this, and I might even be more likely to go for an adult breakfast platter from Sunshine Seasons over this location. The lack of indoor seating for breakfast doesn’t help the cause in the summer months either. Personally, I would skip this in favor of almost any other breakfast option at Epcot, even if it is on the way to Norway.

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  • Looks like some awesome breakfast offerings! I’m looking at the chilaquiles con huevos, and wondering why the egg whites looks so greenish compared to the white topping next to it. Did it look like that in person, or is the lighting altering the way the photo came out?

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