REVIEW: STK Orlando at Disney Springs Begins Lunch Service, But Is It Worth Your Time?

STK Orlando
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Hopefully you have already read our extensive dinner review of STK Orlando before you delve into this one, but STK quietly began offering a lunch service on June 1st so we decided to see if lunch was near as good as the (what I thought was great, albeit expensive) dinner offerings.


First off, a lot of items carry over from dinner, which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing. If you read my dinner review, I thought it was very good and seemed to be priced on par with similar steakhouses in the area. That being said, lunch adds just a few different plates to the mix: 4 burgers/sandwiches and 4 lunch entrees, which are smaller versions of dinner entrees.



I had the STK Wagyu Beef Burger, which I was assured was essentially a larger version of the Lil’ BRGs offered as an appetizer. While the hamburger quality was certainly as good, I was not a big fan of the topping choices. The bun had great flavor, but the blue cheese and cherry peppers just didn’t work well together (of course the bacon was fine). I opted for the french fires as a side, which was my favorite part of my meal. I’m not sure if they just ran down to McDonald’s to get these, but they tasted just like their french fries. Seriously, they taste just like those you would find at McDonald’s, but expensive I guess…



The Grilled Chicken Club was a disaster. The bread in no way held the sandwich together, ti just absorbed all of the juices and then proceeded to implode upon itself.


The few bites we had of the sandwich together were good, but it was just too big of a mess to enjoy.


Josh ordered the Crispy Mahi Mahi sandwich, which overall was everyone’s favorite. This was just about perfect: the bun, the sauce, and the perfectly cooked fish just made for a really pleasant taste. I would seriously come back for this, but I would skip the side salad I think as it was rather plain. Yes, I would get the McDonald’s french fries instead…


Since we only had three of the lunch entrees, I won’t tell you that lunch at STK Orlando isn’t worth your time. If you refer to the dinner review, there are plenty of items carrying over to lunch that I would highly recommend (along with the Mahi Mahi sandwich), so the question really becomes when is the best time to dine here. The atmosphere for Lunch is fairly quiet, so if you are afraid of the slightest chance of loud music, I would go during the restaurant’s lunch hours. If you would rather dress up a little and get more of a dinner experience for your money, I would stick with dinner. Otherwise, I still highly recommend STK Orlando, I just wouldn’t recommend many of the lunch specific options.

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