REVIEW: The Daily Poutine at Disney Springs; Disappointment Comes in 4 Flavors

The Daily Poutine opened on the border of the Marketplace and Town Center of Disney Springs back on May 15th, 2016. The stand serves traditional poutine (which are large french fries with cheese and gravy), as well as some interesting new takes on the Canadian favorite. You may be asking yourself now, “Tom, you seem to like to be the first to talk about new items at Walt Disney World, why is this review a month late?” Well, honestly, I forgot, and that’s the problem. What sounded like an exciting quick stop for loaded french fries ended up being a bit of a disappointment. We were so excited about so many other options that have opened at Disney Springs that this one kind of just got lost in the shuffle, which is pretty much what I feel the fate of this booth will be in the grand scheme of Disney Springs.


It is located just steps away from World of Disney and Amorette’s Patisserie.



There are 4 varieties of the fries offered here, as well as a nice drink selection.


In WDWNT fashion, we ordered them all.


We also ordered the Fireball Sangria, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I never really though to throw whiskey in sangria, but it makes for a good (and surprisingly refreshing) combination. This is a solid drink option for a hot summer day at Disney Springs.


The fries themselves are thick steak fries. They are good on their own, but as this is a “poutine” stand, the focus is on the toppings. The Italian style was my least favorite. The marinara sauce reminded me of the more awful faux-Italian counter service offerings from Disney. The cheese was barely melted as well, which didn’t help the cause.


The Latin were my overall favorite. The pork was seasoned really well and the yucca, cheese, and black beans all mixed for a really good flavor, even though I’m not sure french fires are the best item to throw these toppings on.


I thoroughly enjoyed the French version, as the Gruyere cheese melted onto the fries was pretty perfect. I also enjoy mushrooms, so the added taste of those in this dish was a pleasant addition to some bites.


While I enjoyed the cheese curds, I am not a big fan of brown gravy which hampered my enjoyment of the Classic option.

The Daily Poutine is good, it’s just not great, and that’s a problem when it is surrounded by some really great counter service or food stand options. While the portions are large and filling, I would much rather dine at B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co., D-Luxe Burger, or even Earl of Sandwich if I was at Disney Springs looking for something fast. If time and money were no option, my choices would broaden ten-fold, leaving the Daily Poutine completely off of my radar, and that’s the issue. The Daily Poutine just isn’t good enough or priced well enough to survive in the “theme park for food” landscape that is the Disney Springs of 2016. My recommendation would be to skip this and visit any of the other establishments we have positively reviewed from Disney Springs over the last year.

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  1. Wwe have something similar Ina franchise out here in western NY called “get fried” it also is a disappointment it basically is paying for someone to throw a topping on ur fries and overpay for it. They taste average at best.

  2. So do you recommend this restaurant? I am just curious because I heard it was opening so i tried some local putien and now I’m in love and I aim on trying it some time in the future

    1. No offence but that is your opinion and as with reviews that never end as such “These are my opinions of the establishment to my tastes, yours may be different and you may disagree with me but everyones tastes are different please try for yourselves and make your own assumptions to the location. Thank You” All reviews are of one thought person and reviews differ because tastes differ Poutine is Fries, gravy and Curds it comes from Quebec Canada it is not every ones cup of tea but to banish it because you do not like it is not what a reviewer should do, which is review the food for what it is remove your opinions and recommendations and let people chose there own path. A lot of people will bypass this not knowing that they like it because of your review. Which is good for what it is a Poutine place. Sorry but that is my opinion other may not agree but thats ok.

  3. This is a Poutine stand and it is what it states Poutine is Quebec food and is Fries toped with gravy and cheese curds it is its definition it is not for everyone but everyone should try it you never know you may just like it. Just because it is different and the reviewer dose not care for it that is there tastes not yours make your own mind up as everyones tastes are different. At the end of the day you never know unless you try!!!!!

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