UPDATE: Beaches Remain Closed, Transportation Limited Around Magic Kingdom

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In light of the recent events in the Seven Seas Lagoon area, beaches near the Magic Kingdom remained closed today. Disney has even gone so far as to remove all of the lounge chairs from the beaches as well.


The Magic Kingdom ferryboats are back in operation on the Seven Seas Lagoon today, but all smaller watercraft are still being kept out of operation. Additional buses continue to be offered today in reaction to the decreased watercraft service.

There is no word as of yet on when or if these changes will be reversed.

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  • Disney should remove all the lounge chairs and post signs warning about alligators. There’s a big difference between “no swimming” and “beware of alligators”.

    • If they did they would have to include that, brain eating ameobas (sp?), water vehicles, water vehicle wakes, sudden drops in depth, snakes, and any bother manner of things. “No Swimming” fits nicely.

    • No means no. You don’t need a reason. They shouldn’t have to explain it. Maybe they should just close the whole park, because there are definitely things I can do that will kill me there, if I don’t pay any attention to warning signs. I hope they put those loungers back. I like the beaches, and I can read a dang sign.

  • A simple DO NOT ENTER THE WATER or ENTERING THE WATER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED would be all encompassing. It’s their property, no long explanations should be needed. They might consider closing the beach area at night. There are signs at Shades of Green warning guests that Disney is part of a natural habitat and guests should be wary and also not feed. I know Disney will have many discussions about this event and how to prevent it form happening in the future. I would not be surprised if a project to wall off or put some kind of fencing between the various resort areas and the lagoon is in the future, in addition to new signage.

  • Meteors, and rouge space junk are a hazard, along with falling trees on windy days!…………Not to make light of this, but where do we stop. “No Swimming or Playing in the water” means I won’t be going in – and I certainly won’t allow a two year old to go in unattended. BTW, a very similarly worded sign is posted at our local sewage treatment plant holding ponds – should we go in?

  • Signs and words, signs and words… This debate has grown tiresome already, don’t you think?

    You all do realize of course that if the child were only near the waters edge and not in the water at all, this horrible accident could still have taken place. Alligators lunge for prey ON LAND too.

    It really is kind of about the alligators, and not the silly debate about what “no swimming” means.

    I think as Laura Strott has suggested, Disney should follow the lead of Shades of Green with nighttime closure of the beaches and clearer signage about neing part of a natural habitat. Those two actions would keep go a long way in educating a lot of guests.

  • It is after all Florida which is well known to have alligators and if you’ve lived hear ( USA ) for any amount of time you should know that. Stay clear of shore if it is posted No Swimming.

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