UPDATE: Walt Disney World Reopens Beaches Following Gator Attack

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With the conclusion of the investigation into the recent alligator attack at Walt Disney World, Disney has reopened the resort beaches that were closed off to guests after the incident.

Fences erected at Yacht and Beach Club while beach was closed

The beaches at the Grand Floridian, Polynesian Resort, and Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts reopened to guests today with the new fences still in place, but guests are free to roam the beach as they please.

Fences installed at the Polynesian while the beach was closed



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  • Probably the best solution to the issue. Many non-Floridians never think of Alligators when they think of Florida. Nor of Savannah. Nor of South Carolina. Perhaps if there’s also an underwater barrier about 5 feet out paralleling the sandy fence ‘twould be the best compromise. The only other one would be to post guards on all properties to be look-outs, since they could come from anywhere. Not a Disney thing to do. This, at least, presents a scenic barrier that needs to be intentionally crossed. (Yes, they will, but on their heads be it, not Disney’s.)

  • I’m not from Florida, still I know it’s the alligator capital of the world. I expected them to be anywhere there’s water and act accordingly

  • So, do the lodges at yellowstone take responsibility for their guests if one is harmed by a bear? Do they post signs stating that moose can be deadly? Just curious.

    • Not being mean, but Disney guests in general aren’t very smart. They’re the type who wouldn’t ever ‘adventure out’. Disney knows this, and charges an arm and leg, and cares only to pack the heck out of the parks to capacity without much service….but makes a mint trying to convey how safe, secure and controlled it is. This is why news stores like this are so sensationalized. It’s against Disney’s image. (Though they spend nothing to support this image)

    • Yes, national park lodges do display and distribute such information. But also keep in mind, the parks that the lodges sit inside also have many signs and educational materials. Also, the lodges in national parks are not owned and operated by the NPS (that’s against the law), third party concessioners run the lodges. Despite exhaustive efforts by he NPS and lodge owners, accidents still happen. Thank goodness they don’t put up up ineffective, unnecessary fences for appearance sake.

    • I don’t think the lodges create a fake, themed environment. Disney themed a swamp area to look like a beach, complete with hammocks and playgrounds. I can understand how a family visiting from Nebraska would have a false sense of security.

  • Wow. You are all, what.. So much better than everyone else? Your Captain Obvious attitudes and holier than thou heirs are sickening. I suppose that’s to be expected though, always righteous words of wisdom from those posting from behind an anonymous firewall.

    • No, they’re just not sheep. And I agree with them. Plus as a 15 year resident of Orlando, and beyond sickened how poor Disney World has gotten. They have reduced services and quality to the point of absurdity. They spend all their resources on a false ‘image’ of safety and quality, nothing to actually achieve either. As crowds grow, at very best, you’ll get a refurbished ride at best. Not much new. It’s all about squeezing money out of the sheep.

  • Yesterday I noticed netting is up over the structures as show. Unsure if I can upload pic. Looks pretty intrusive. Signs everywhere.

    I think if Disney hadn’t have cheapened out on it’s services and employees who handle gators and wildlife, it wound have been much less likely to happen.

  • I am completely heartbroken by the death of the little boy- a terrible terrible situation. Do real people actually think that these rope fences are going to keep alligators and snakes from getting through to the beaches? Seriously these are just a display of how people are so oblivious to the real world when at a Disney park. I just spent a hug amount of money to own a DVC membership- at this resort- for my grandchildren. I am really hacked off at the action that Disney has taken as a show of “safety”! I paid for the complete south seas story- not the story of “legal-sleaze”. Any lawyer that would take this case is ONLY after money as this attempt to shield people from harm is absolutely absurd. What happens when a child- who is not being supervised-climbs through this “fence” and we have another situation? Concrete barrier walls?

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