Avatar Disney Infinity Concept Art Surfaces

According to a video posted by Twitter user InfiniteerAdventures, Avatar figures were in the concept phase for Disney Infinity. 

Screenshot 2016-07-25 00.44.01
Source: InfiniteerAdventures

As usual, the team at Avalanche managed to seamlessly marry the world of Avatar with the art style of Disney Infinity. It is important to note that unlike many of the recent cancelled figures that have surfaced, these figures were only in the concept phase. There is no guarantee that these figures would have ever made their way to market.

Another interesting thing to note, these figures would have marked the first time a non-Disney property made its way into Disney Infinity. Of course Avatar would make sense due to the upcoming Avatar Land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Perhaps these figures would have been released along with the opening of the new land at Disney’s park. It would have been the first time that Disney used a new Disney Infinity release to market the parks.

For a full look at the concept art, check out InfiniteerAdventures video below!

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