PHOTOS: Cancelled Moana Disney Infinity Play Set

Once again, Kotaku has dug up more information on the cancelled Disney Infinity plans. This time, we’ve got images of the Moana Play Set.

Below are pictures of the characters in the Moana Play Set.



Sources: Kotaku

The Play Set looks absolutely beautiful. Judging by the photos, it seems like development was far along, and perhaps a playable build of this game existed. It is too bad that we’ll never get a chance to play it.

Shortly after the Play Set was shown off, Infiniteer Adventures scooped some photos of the actual figures themselves.



Sources: Infinity Inquirer

Much like the 3.0 lineup, the figures look fantastic, especially Maui who oozes detail throughout. Compared to other concept photos we’ve seen in recent weeks, these ones seem to be final renderings of the retail versions.

7 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Cancelled Moana Disney Infinity Play Set”

  1. Each reveal of these figures makes me despise Disney more and more. After sinking a ton of money into those with my kids, only to set it cancelled at a whim, I have cancelled all plans to ever take my kids to one of their parks, or ever invest in Disney crap ever again. My son saved and saved for all his figures, and he is so disappointed. He keeps asking why… and my answer is that the Disney people are very greedy, and weren’t making themselves rich enough. It is his first lesson in not trusting big corporations ever. Disney sucks

    • Wow. As a father of a young child who is also saddened by the Infinity line being discontinued, your comment makes me feel sorry for your son. Your son’s figures will still work and last for years. The discs and toy boxes he created will still work and provide him entertainment for years. And the negative attitude you’ve shown about the company that provided those feelings and memories will, unfortunately, last for years as well.

      At times like these you have the opportunity to be a positive role model and show your son the positive side of the situation he’s in. You have chosen to go the opposite route and pull your son down with you, and he doesn’t deserve that.

      Maybe Disney was being greedy when they cancelled the Infinity line, but you’re the one that’s dragging this situation down.

      • So very well put Scott. I agree with you 100%. She should be a positive roll model for her son. It isn’t just children’s toys that will be discontinued in her sons life. Life will be filled with disappointing moments. Parents should be teaching their children valuable lessons, not bashing certain companies for discontinuing a product.

        I am not a huge fan of Disney Parks or Disney as a whole, but I do see the values that they taught me as a child, as well as my children, and hopefully my grandchildren as well. To put Disney down to her son, she is showing him how to hate. I find this truly disturbing as there is enough hate in the world.

        Let’s face reality. He can still play with the rest of the infinity series and have fun with it. Most children only “love”a toy until the hot new one comes out. I was a huge fan of the Transformer toys in the 80’s and they quit making them. I was bummed out, but then came my love for Micromachines and I totally forgot about the Transformers.

    • Wow…. the anger stews. Children enjoy Disney – no matter u your personal choices are. Mad @ a line of toys… hmmm. How simple! How about we teach them that sometimes things get backlogged, discontinued, lost or “we can get them any longer”? But to never take them to a place that kids would enjoy…. hmmmm….. SO, the joy from these toys for a period of time… smashed by this, really? Let’s hope that you never disappoint your child…. cause then he may learn from your toy issue… to not visit you…. maybe?

      Sometimes in life we get disappointed but we recover, we learn, we grow, we make good choices and we live life again!

      Toys……. is that the real issue?

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