PHOTOS: Polynesian & Grand Floridian Beach Shorelines Replaced with Rocks

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A few days ago we showed you the start of work to replace the Grand Floridian beach shoreline with rocks. Well, the work has progressed down to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort where the beaches are also closed off from the water by a fence and now a rocky shoreline as well.




The area by the bungalows is already completed.







The beach area is closed while the work is going on.



The shoreline between the Polynesian and the Wedding Pavilion is covered as well.



Work was completed at the Grand Floridian.

The rocky shoreline is an attempt to keep guests out of the water at the resorts following the alligator attack earlier this summer. The beaches will be open to guests up to the fences once work is completed.

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    • That would be both a solution AND an upgrade considering the Seven Seas Lagoon water has never looked very Tahitian. Good thought!

    • That’s the kind of thinking Disney needs to hire. They’re just too cheap and just don’t care enough. What a waste of potential. Great idea though Cindy!!!

      • Disney is too cheap in regards to their scenic elements? Your standards must be so high that you’re not impressed by anything.

  • The fence is upgraded from the two ropes to the fishing nets. Helps to keep the kids from climbing under. Overall, a vast improvement.

  • Looks ok,but doesn’t look like it’s going to do the job. Not strong enough. Kids are very resilient. I know I won’t let my grandson any where near their at the Grand Floridan. That beach area just call for trouble, the water isn’t meant to swim in and was very misleading in the first place.

  • Looks fantastic. Does not overwhelm the area with to much fence and rocks. Terrific job.

  • Looks good, without being an eye sore. Those beaches & the seven seas lagoon were never meant to be paddled / swam in. Whoever wishes to – well that’s their choice I suppose, as I would never wish too, as water is so dark & murky! And being Florida with over a million gators present, then never let children near any water – except a swimming pool x

    • Actually they were originally meant for that. I remember swimming in that water as a kid, and I believe there were paddle boats out there. This was in the early 80’s. It wasn’t until they decided the water was unsafe from aembas that they closed the water. There is no way I would ever let my own kids in that water!

  • Sharon, you are right. Not meant to do the job. Only meant to show they did something…all about $$$$$. None of it done to make it actually safe or attractive.

      • Right on Mary, so true.

        It’d be nice if the whiners just climbed back in their holes.
        But their lives seem to revolve around haunting websites focused on WDW & Disney, which they seem to hate.

        Pretty pathetic really.

  • White sands leading to water … Warm nights … Holiday mode …. I feel many a parent would allow their kids to dip their toes in!! Glad something has been done so another terrible accident can be prevented!

  • This and related measures are meant to deter NOT prevent. People will do what they wish whether it’s right, smart, or sensible. Focus your concern from what kids might do to what parents should do.

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