REVIEW: Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar Revamps Menu, Favorites Change, New Items Added

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs has been a hot spot amongst Disney fans to say the least, offering what many considered a very strong drink and food menu. I personally will drop by at least 2-3 times a month for a quick drink or bite, feeling this is really one of the best bar/restaurants on property. This week, a fair amount of the food menu was altered due to guest demand, so we decided to go and try it out.


Gone are the Good Dates, Snack of Ra, and the original Tanis Tacos, replaced with Temple Tenderloin, Sallah’s Falafel, and the Tanis Tuna Tacos.



The temporary menu in the front of the book sin’t all that has changed… the entire book is gone…


Some drinks have descriptions on the front page.


Most just have a name and a price.


The Sallah’s Falafel was really great, especially with the spicy sauce on the side. There is naan bread under all of that, with guests expected to rip all of this up and eat it as a finger food. Luckily it tasted great because trying to eat this in this format was kind of a challenge. It should probably be served pre-cut or something of the sort.


The Rolling Boulder Sliders were revamped for the most part, losing the spicy yogurt sauce in favor of brisket meatballs with a tomato-bacon jam. I would order the old sliders about 1-2 times a month, so I was pretty worried about this change, but these were good. They are radically different but in a good way. Gone is the spiciness, replaced with a more flavorful sauce that will likely be enjoyed by more guests overall.


I was pretty excited about the Temple Tenderloin, but the flavor was very bland. The bread was fresh, but the rest of it just lacked any flavor to me. The fries underneath however, were spectacular. The fries are tossed in a bacon and chimichurri sauce, unique to say the least.



The Tanis Tuna Tacos also lacked flavor, even after squeezing a generous amount of lime on them. The toppings and the tacos themselves tasted very fresh, but the main ingredient tasted non-existent honestly. 

Overall, the changes don’t make me went to stop visiting Jock Lindsey’s but they aren’t overly positive either. I prefer the original sliders, but the new ones are a solid adjustment. Otherwise, there wasn’t much outside of french fries and the falafel that I thought was particularity good. Hopefully they will continue to work on the menu until it evenly rounded out, but until then it’s still worth flying by for drinks and a bite.

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  1. Did you ask for the regular drink book?….if they are no longer offering descriptions for the cocktails, that is a big red flag.

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