UPDATE: Crocodile Jokes Return to Jungle Cruise, Living with the Land Removes Crocs

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The Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom is once again welcoming its skippers to make jokes about the crocodiles that appear in the attraction, albeit these are jokes that do not involve the creatures and children. Meanwhile, the floating crocodiles in the Living with the Land attraction at Epcot have been removed. Talk about mixed signals…


While guests will no longer hear jokes about crocodiles watching children, skippers on the world famous Jungle Cruise are now once again mentioning Old Smiley and his girlfriend Ginger (who snaps). This is the first time the creatures have been acknowledged since an alligator attack rocked Walt Disney World last month.

Meanwhile, at the Living with the Land boat ride at Epcot, the crocodiles were quietly removed a few days ago. There’s no word on why exactly they were removed, but the creatures could very easily be re-installed whenever. Ironically, the crocodiles in Living with the Land are cast from the same mold as those on the Jungle Cruise.

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  • What’s next? Having Captain Hook freaking out as he hovers over nothing, because they took Tick Tock out of Peter Pan’s Flight?

    It’s ok and normal to feel truly sorry for the family’s loss but to also think Disney is ridiculously over-responding.

  • Good to hear Ginger is back to snapping. :)

    Love that rainforest fountain in the LwtL ride. Sort of sad to see the animatronics removed. Hopefully they’ll be back.
    Are the living alligators still in the Living with the Land tank?

  • What happened to the boy from Nebraska was terrible. Tragic. However, removing everything associated with alligators or crocodiles completely is going overboard. They’ve removed them from The Electrical Water parade but somewhat understand that since it goes by where the boy was killed. But now at Disney Junior Stage Show they have the audience clap instead of scaring Capt. Hook away with tick tock, crocodile motions. Seems a bit much. What will happen to alligator statue at French Quarter? Will Alligator Bayou sections of Port Orleans Riverside have to be renamed? What about the croc in Peter Pan’s flight?

  • I wish Louis the alligator would be in the new Royal Friendship Faire show in front of MK’s castle, like he was supposed to. Maybe he’ll eventually appear, which would liven up the show.

  • No longer will the EPCOT Alligators be sent to slaughter once they out grow the small confined space provided in an outdated 1980’s environment that goes against Disney’s new approach to respecting wildlife in natural habitats brought forward with the creation of the Animal Kingdom and Pandora: the Land of Avatar. Sad that the timing coincided with the tragic drowning death of a child.

  • From what I’ve heard so far,
    Louis is no longer in the Friendship Faire
    Kilimanjaro Safari’s drivers are NOT allowed to speak about the crocodiles and are advised to quickly leave the area they are in (from a CM friend)
    Port Orleans FQ alligators are gone (I’ve seen pictures already)
    Living with the Land crocs are gone
    I’ve also been hearing that Tic Tock isn’t in the FOF parade??
    And supposedly the tightrope girl from HM is pending removal?


  • Shouldn’t all alligators in shows a displays be used as educational purposes that alligators are dangerous and stay away from. leaving them in should be a warning.

  • I also believe that all aspects relating to crocodiles and alligators should not be removed.

    I was extremely saddened when I heard about the death of the poor two year old. But as we respect the loss of a child we should not remove characters yet educate visitors to Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom as to how these and other wildlife live and survive.

    Thank you

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