BREAKING: Paint the Night Parade at Disneyland Will End September 5th As Well

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The Disneyland Today twitter account confirmed that the Paint the Night Parade at Disneyland will come to an end September 5th, along with Disneyland Forever fireworks and World of Color Celebrate.

Obviously, no reasoning was given for the cancellation as of yet and it is uncertain if this is continuing budget cuts or if the Paint the Night Parade is just going seasonal or being moved to another Disney Park, possibly the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

We will keep you updated on this breaking story as more becomes available.

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  • @DisneylandToday: @ejromeo69 Hi, Eric. These were shows created specifically for the Diamond Celebration, in honor of the resort’s 60th anniversary.

  • Magic Kingdom is due. The Electrical Parade is overdue for a re-mothballing, and it’d be a nice salve for MK, which is unlikely to get another big-scale change for a very long time.

    • First Magic Kingdom took Disneyland’s Electrical Parade and now it is “due” for World of Color? How about Disneyland? Why can’t it keep a night parade like Magic Kingdom?

  • Could upcoming construction be the reason? I know Jammin Jungle had to end because construction made the walkways too narrow to safely run the parade.

  • This doesn’t really make sense, as big as a financial investment this. Nighttime specific parades are not cheap, in fact, they’re the most expensive in terms of parades. Usually parades, particularly nighttime parades, have to run for years to recoup the investment. And lately, when things “premiere” for anniversary celebrations, particularly parades, they tend to continue running to recoup that investment. That’s from Steven Davision (head of Parades of Spectacles at WDI-CE) himself.

    Something tells me this is a budget issue or something related to construction, as an investment of this level would have usually been planned to continue running indefinitely. I’m guessing the ongoing cuts are going to be in entertainment during the downtime until next summer. Since the 60th would be over, I suppose it’s a good excuse for them. But I would be genuinely shocked to not see PTN return, as that was a major investment for the DLR.

    As for shipping to the other coast, that costs a lot of money, and isn’t as simple as many think it is. I doubt that would happen.

  • As Steven Davison and other entertainment creatives and executives have often pointed out, entertainment offerings usually have to run for a certain amount of time before they essentially ‘recoup their investment’ for the resort who bid and invested in the product…and nighttime specific parades are some of the most expensive to create and build. That’s why most of those that have been created over the decades have run for a number of years, if not more, because they were so expensive. And as is typical with Disney, entertainment products that “premiere” for anniversary celebrations are usually long-term investments that will keep running (as that is how they were originally planned). The anniversary celebration is basically the platform to open and promote the project. (Sans a few offerings that are intended to be anniversary-specific). But nighttime-specific parades are long-term investments 99% of the time.

    My personal guess is that PTN will become a seasonal parade running during peak times of the year in the way MSEP was during most of its run. I can see them using the end of the 60th along with the much-rumored budget cuts from Parks and Resorts execs to pull it for awhile though…but not indefinitely.

    I would genuinely be shocked, nor would it follow Disney’s usual pattern, to invest in a product as expensive as PTN, and only run it for essentially a year and a half. According to what I’ve learned over the years, to just end the product indefinitely would simply make no sense as PTN was (most-likely) created as a long-term investment for the resort (as most nighttime-specific parades usually are). And shipping it to another park wouldn’t make much sense as that is a huge cost itself, and these cuts are across the board for Parks and Resorts.

  • This isn’t permanent, Disney just has a really poor way of expressing that it will be back. It’s going down for a much needed refurbishment and detailing, and is scheduled to come back in time for the Holidays (and possibly weekend performances once it gets its TLC)

  • Rumors on multiple sites and forums, with quality insiders, indicate it’s coming to WDW an MSEP is headed back to DL

    • Haven’t heard any of these “quality insiders”. What boards are these?

      The cost to move parades is quite expensive. Disney fans talk as if it’s some easy option. It’s not. It’s a massive expensive, and the cost of doing so now when cuts are being made across the board doesn’t make any sense.

      The most likely scenario is DLR will have it as a seasonal offering during peak times of year only, and will cut it until next spring/summer for budget cuts, as well as refurbishment.
      Using the end of the 60th anniversary celebration is the perfect PR excuse for them to use.

  • WDW is celebrating this year as well :) 45 years. I think its a strong possibility they will bring PTN to the east coast. I would love that!

  • Paint the Night isn’t coming to Walt Disney World anytime soon. It’s still scheduled to be presented during the holidays and summer 2017 at Disneyland. The parade does need a lot of refurbishment work as it has not held up great.

  • I can see one of two things happening, It becomes a summertime parade for Disneyland like MSEP or it is going to move over to WDW for its 45th starting next spring/summer. I would rather see it stay at DL for summers and WDW get their own new night time parade.

  • I don’t see anything quite that significant happening for a 45. I suspect Disney will conserve funds and spend it for the 50th in 5 years given it will take about half of that to develop something new anyway.

  • Are there any rumours that an evening parade might be reintroduced in time for August 2017? We have been coming to Walt Disney World Florida regularly and are extremely disappointed to see the evening parade has been discontinued.

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