BREAKING: The Sum of All Thrills and Stormstruck Closing; Goodbye Innoventions at Epcot

On September 14th, 2016, the Sum of All Thrills and Stromstruck exhibits inside Innoventions at Epcot will close.


Innoventions West exhibits were closed last year and some of the space was utilized for meet and greet areas for Baymax and Joy & Sadness. Colortopia, the newest Innoventions exhibit to open, will remain open at this time, but will close whenever the contract with Glidden concludes. Disney has stated they will make an announcement about the future of the Innoventions space at a later date.

All signs point to a massive overhaul of Future World at Epcot coming in the next few years, and those plans may include the demolition/repurposing of the Innoventions East and West buildings, thus why no replacement exhibits are being added.

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  1. Although these were fun they were never crowded and never well advertised to guests. I think on Disney’s side closing these and taking people to areas of the park where they make more money is good but I am excited to also see what will become of thia now dead area in the park in the hopefully near future.

  2. Disney doesn’t make money off of this and it doesn’t cross promote one of their products…so…of course it’s going away! Character meet and greets or another profit center likely to come…though I hope not. WDW needs more fun stuff, for the sake of fun. I really liked these simulators!!!!!

  3. Innoventions is waaaay past its prime and usefulness. I could care less if they bring in a ‘profit center’, that’s what the whole damn park is anyway! lol It’s not a museum, and it never really was “educational”. Just bring us something creative and interesting, who cares if it’s an IP or not.

  4. I would love to see them use this space as a hands on consumer electronics show. Being able to interact with future designs would be fun. Epcot really needs a make over. Sorin, Frozen, and Test Track all have huge lines bc they are the only rides there. Universe of Energy, Wonders of Life, and Jouney into Imagination all need to be renovated.

    • I like your idea, it can be paid for by someone, but just make it fun and interesting. you have to give a little to get a little, and Disney ain’t giving much to guests lately. I don’t know if you remember around 2009 Test Track was slated to close but GM at last minute re-upped their contract on it. Disney doesn’t pay for this ride and makes $Millions off GM for it, and gets 50% of the take on stuff they sell in the gift shop, so it will survive. Frozen cross promotes and dumps in gift shop, it’s safe. Rio del Tiempo paid for by participating participant restaurant at San Angel Inn, so it’s safe. The other rides you mention will go away in time, unless someone pays. Kodak used to have Figment, but nobody uses camera film now, and no other companies paying the ransom.

      At least Food and Wine coming! if you want to feature your wine/beer product featured there, you have to provide it for darn near free…Disney gets all the money for the sales.

  5. As a former cast member who spent almost thirteen years at Innoventions, this saddens me. But I’m not the least bit surprised. There’s a lot of things that happen that the majority of Disney visitors don’t know about, but one thing many years ago pretty much spelled the end for Innoventions. I just hope that whatever replaces it is good.

  6. If anything, they need to demo the building that always smells like sewage. The building is the one that had a restaurant many years ago and now just seems to be used for getting the lithographs and wine glasses.

  7. Those simulators took such little space and fit the theme, a futuristic ride. Very cool. And not swamped busy. Used to be more in innovations too. Not shocked Disney killing it, we commented it didn’t promote or sell anything and distracts people from shopping in stores. They are shockingly now the worst theme park managing company in the world from a guest perspective. Disney stock is doing well though…and we have some. Hopefully Comcast entering theme park arena will up the ante and Disney will give 1% attention to quality and fun again without 100% of attention on so obviously milking every inch and second of the park and guest’s wallets.

  8. I like to have marvel universe come to epcot and meet all the superheroes like captain america, Iron man, Thor and other superheroes.

    • I don’t think Disney by contract can do much with Marvel comics in their parks due to contract with Universal before Disney took it. I’m sure they’d be exploiting it as much as they possibly could if saw it profitable.

      I hope they put something neat in these areas. The park is way overdue for some innovation.

  9. Disney will probably add a restraunt to one of the innoventions buildings. I would hope it would have a futuristic theme with a second floor seating area for illuminations viewing. The other building will probably be split in two for meet a greet area and gift shop. The potion ingredients of the two buildings in the center of the front of the park would make it in convenient for a new attraction (bad traffic flow around them.) All I know is whatever they do, do not take away the fiber optic walk way. I know it’s a simple thing but it is just too cool I love it.

  10. I can see Disney making this into a new ride area of some sort – who knows what it might be based upon – what sci-fi movies are coming perhaps? There is a huge amount of space here for a wide variety of possibilities. Maybe they’d be smart to focus on ideas related to space exploration – the real thing – moon base? Mars colony etc. I’d be into that. Just a thought.

  11. It’s all well and good that WDW wants to revamp but the management needs to be looking after its employees. Some of the full time park employees, up until recently were getting 40-plus hours, then a few months ago, the hours were cut down to only 32 (still considered full time), but what about those employees’ budgets? Where is the “caring for family” atmosphere when it comes to your employees, Disney Management? Makes one wonder if you’re trying to get employees to seek other employment, on purpose. Shame on you. Yeah, keep adding and revamping….but, be good to your employees, first!

    • Lisa, no offense meant, Disney has never in its history dating to before the Florida parks cared much about their employees/cast members and never bought into a ‘happy employee, happy customer’ mindset. Even their CEO though making millions on bonus, is one of the, if not the lowest paid for Disney’s size. What’s IS new now is Disney doesn’t care about their guests’ experience…guests are simply a hassle to deal with to get more money out of them. This didn’t used to be the case some years ago, but is very transparent now. Disney has become a media/movie giant, not a theme park operator.

  12. Just returned from Disney a few weeks ago. Epcot has always been my favorite – and the countries remain so. But the first half of the park for tech/innovation has *greatly* diminished.

    We started the day with Spaceship Earth. The animitronics going up the ride are a little dated. Not sure what could be done there (not an Imagineer). But the ride down was shocking. All the exciting views of the Future are gone! The interactive tablet in the car while passing literally black nothingness just isn’t inspiring like Epcot used to do.

    That sets the tone for the rest of the many neglected areas up front. Nothing exciting or memorable. Nothing to Inspire for any age. It’s like they’ve given up on the future part and what might be possible.

    The Land was past it’s time just a few years after opening and Soaring doesn’t help the massive building. Communicore, which had been fun discovery and activity, continues declining with each visit. Universe of Energy could refresh into the _future_ of energy or being close to Mission:Mars tie in with settling on Mars and exploring the Universe. Journey into Imagination – why is Figment still around?

    So much potential lost on what humanity has done well – and looking forward to what could be.

  13. Innovations is not even a shadow of it’s former self and what it was designed to be. If they’d reinvent it back to what it’s supposed to be and stop turning it in to a video arcade for kids it may get the attention it deserves. Home of the future. Car of the future. Technology of the future. In the 80’s I spent hours in this area. But then again EPCOT is only a shadow of it’s former self as well. Now they’re adding movie themed roller coasters in place of educational rides. Boo.

  14. Sum of all Thrills was one of the very best attractions at Epcot!! Since I first rode it, I’ve told so many people about it and couldn’t wait to go over and experience it again. It combined engineering with good old-fashioned theme park fun!! Now I know why I couldn’t find it when I was there at the Food and Wine Festival yesterday. I’m very saddened by this decision ):

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