Children Now Require Biometric Finger Scan to Enter Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Children under the age of 10 have never been required to scan a finger when entering a Walt Disney World theme park, something required of all ticket holders over that age for many years at the Vacation Kingdom of the World. Starting just last week, children under age 10 now are required to have their fingerprint scanned to enter the Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks, and DisneyQuest.


A guest relations cast member we spoke to over the weekend confirmed the changes after 3 separate reports were sent to us by WDWNT readers.

The change is reportedly part of the continuing effort to fight ticket fraud and Walt Disney World Resort ticket resales. Child tickets in the past would have no fingerprint associated with them, nor would they require photo ID, so it would have been very easy to transfer tickets between guests under the age of 10.

Disney has made no official statement on the new policy beyond the instructions given to front gate cast members at their theme parks.

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  1. I heard that Disney is going to start charging for, and requiring finger print scans of fetuses too. They need to do whatever they can to fight ticket fraud… And they can no longer afford to let fetuses in for free. God knows that Disney is having an awful time making money.

  2. I am pissed. I am taking a child with autism to the parks and this is the one thing I truly wanted to avoid with him. To him it is like a medical procedure putting his finger on that thing probably, because he really freaks out. I had to go through this with Busch Gardens, we’ve had season passes for years and finally I was able to get them to clear him without the stupid scanning. It was always hit or miss or not working and not registering anyone’s fingers and they just let you in the park anyway,. Then the year after that they did away with it for everyone.

    • Elaine, Its my understanding that a parent can use one of their fingers for the scan in a case like yours. Ive seen this confirmed as well by others making the same case. Hopefully this helps.

    • You also have the option of not going if you feel this will stress your child out too much. As a parent, it’s YOUR responsibility to ensure your child’s comfort, not that of the world around you.

    • I just confirmed they will accept govt issued photo Id’s for children if using your finger is not an option (not an option for us as DD sometimes goes with my mom). We will be getting DD a state ID card. Hopefully you’ll find an option that works for your child!

    • Agreed. Not sure how this will go over with my kid for his first visit. He will be 14 months at the time. Definitely won’t be walking into the park on his own..

    • Just thinking out loud here for a moment…
      Considering this is mainly a move to prevent ticket fraud, and those under 3 don’t require tickets, I highly doubt that those under 3 will need to deal with the scans since they will still not need a ticket at this time.

  3. Everyone of every age should have to pay for admission and finger scan by parent is ok. A 8 month old isn’t fun for the infant or parents. Free is silly. Strollers take as much space as a 9 y/o and space is a premium most days. Any why do they always only have a few magic band entrances staffed? Most are closed, like a cheap supermarket with 2 of 16 lanes open with long lines.

  4. You are able to decline the scan at the touch points if you do not feel comfortable doing it. Just tell the Host/ess at the touch point and other arrangements can usually be made

  5. I agree with post about children of all ages needing to have admission ticket. Family of 7, 3 adults, and 4 children came in with them. all under 3, free. All the kids crying, and adult screaming at one of them. None of the 7 or anyone within 50 feet of them enjoying their day. No reason a kid under 2 needs to be in the park. Selfish for the parents, and there’s just not enough space anymore, half of it is cut by construction. What a mess. Our family loves Disney. Jus not direction Disney parks have become at the hand of management.

    • So that family is selfish for wanting to take their kids to Disney? Hmmm sounds more like YOU are selfish for not wanting to put up with other people in a public area….

      You say your family loves Disney and speak of the construction in a manner that indicates you are familiar with it. Clearly you can afford to go multiple times. I wonder, how old were your children when you started taking them? My first trip was before I was two and I now take my kids. We also have DVC. Who are you to judge families that perhaps cannot afford to leave their child with a babysitter while they take vacation? Or who are enthusiastic parents that just want to give their kids the world? Only someone spoiled rotten is going to complain about ‘the direction Disney parks are going’. Shame on you.

      • No. You are wrong. 4 children, all under the age of 3 at the parks?! For what?! It is selfishness on the parents part. Those children have absolutely no idea where they where. Shame on YOU for trying to push your overly idealistic views and judgemental criticisms on others.

    • My 18-month girl had a great time. She loved meeting Mickey and Donald and shouted “Figgy” the entire Journey into Imagination ride. I brought my now 6-year-old when she was around the same age and she got just as much out of the trip. Of course, she won’t remember it, but the photos and memories are definitely worth it. So, MaryAnn, I disagree with your assessment that two-year-old shouldn’t be at a Disney park. Are you forgetting that Disney World is a FAMILY destination?

  6. Can a child (4yo) have more than 1 person scan for her? I refuse to have my child finger printed errrr “biometric scanned” that young. She goes with her aunt sometimes.

    • No, it would have to be same person. And if they’re old enough to stand by it, today when we went, the cast member was requiring child use their finger, even though person in front of us had it set to parent. It’s obviously where they’re going with this. Everyone will have to use finger unless they’re an infant or can’t reach it, and then they may come up with an alternative pad for palm print. I also believe the day 0-3 year olds getting in free will disappear soon as well. A needed change.

    • You can refuse. They just won’t let the kid in. I don’t believe it’s right the attitude Disney is taking, but their take is on masses, not individuals. There’s a loooooooong line of people behind you we need to get in to spend some money. Step aside. Create an issue, we can have trespassed from property in less than 3 minutes. Again…not that it’s right. It is the current model.

    • I have the same issue. My daughter goes with my mom sometimes so having an adult scan would not work for us either. I am thinking about getting her a photo ID to avoid this. Otherwise, we will just do away with our annual passes.

  7. 0-3 year olds get in for free because everyone else in the group has to pay full price and those kids can’t ride a lot of the attractions. On top of that, the parents/family spend money on food, clothes, and photos for those little kids. 0-3 year old admission isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Actually, it’s being considered to D/C infant/toddler free admission. Infants aren’t profitable as older kids, and we gauge profit with admission a given. Every inch must make profit. Every human/stroller takes those inches.

  8. It would be nice if the CMs manning the Mickey Reader entrances would wipe the finger scan quickly between each person’s scan, to help prevent germs’ spreading.

  9. MaryAnn…wow! i think u have to be a patient person to be able to handle young children crying around you… There not even YOUR children how do you do it with the whole world full of little kids crying every time you go somewhere public, it shows how much you “love your family” hasn’t any of your family ever had kids? Well it shows your character and what kind of person you could be hmmm.

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