RUMOR: The Great Mickey Ride Replacing Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

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It has been a time for crazy rumors the last few months, and it seems there isn’t an end in sight under the Bob Chapek regime. The latest indicates that once the 3 year sponsorship deal between Turner Classic Movies and Disney is up, the Great Movie Ride would be replaced with something called “The Great Mickey Ride”.

A Theatrical Journey Ð Walt Disney World Resort guests can take a ride through the most famous film sets in silver screen history at The Great Movie Ride at DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios. Housed in a full-scale reproduction of HollywoodÕs world-famous Chinese Theater, the ride-through attraction travels through a soundstage tour of such memorable movie scenes as the ÒCasablancaÓ airport farewell, the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City from ÒWizard of Oz,Ó the ÒRaiders of the Lost ArkÓ Well of Souls and many more. DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios is one of four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Scott Miller, photographer)

While details are scarce at this point, rumors indicate the ride would be trackless and is also being developed to go somewhere at the Disneyland Resort simultaneously.

The latest trend in the parks seems to be Disney removing any connections to franchises that Disney does not own (Twilight Zone for example), and the Great Movie Ride is packed with a lot of films that Disney has absolutely no ownership over. The line of thinking here would be to feature the first ride ever devoted to Mickey Mouse (clearly the property of the Walt Disney Company), something that has been attempted many times over the last 60 years but never built in any Disney theme park.

If plans remained unchanged and Disney pulls the trigger on this project, the Great Movie Ride would close just after the opening of the Star Wars-themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, keep in mind that this project is very blue sky at this point and may never see the light of day, but the Great Movie Ride’s removal is still a likely target for the company at this time.

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    • I’ll go ahead and beat them to it. Variations of:

      “Don’t touch my Great Movie Ride!” (Hasn’t actually been on the ride in the last decade)

      “This will be the death of Hollywood Studios as we know it. How dare they remove the park icon?!” (Assumes the whole theater will be torn down with the new attraction)

      “That’s it. If Disney does this, I’m never going to Walt Disney World ever again. Disney has sold its soul to the devil once and for all!” (Books a 7-day trip the next day.)

      “I’m 1,000,000% positive this won’t happen. Come on, Tom. CLICKBAIT!!” (Rumor confirmed within a month)

      • You forgot:

        “Where are these rumors coming from? How about putting actual news on your site instead of unsubstantiated hearsay as shameless clickbait.” (Keeps coming back in spite of being too smart for the accused clickbait)

  • While I love the Great Movie Ride, it’s lacking in anything updated. As you mentioned, the fact that Disney doesn’t own most of its parts is likely a factor in it not being updated on a more frequent basis.

    After riding the Ratatouille trackless ride in Paris, I would love to see Disney move forward with something innovative at WDW like that. Moreso, I’d be ecstatic to have a ride dedicated to the Mouse.

  • This seems a stretch after Disney just signed a deal with TMC to sponsor it. Usually those sponsorships are at least 10 years.

  • I think this would be great, the movie ride is getting old and out dated, many of the movies are to old for the last couple of generations to know them. I would live a ride dedicated to Mickey!! Cant wait to see how this turns out!!

    • Agree 100%. This is exactly how we felt after returning from WDW in July. We talked about this ride and how outdated and it was time for a change.

  • This change makes 100% sense given the future direction of the park…minus it being Mickey Mouse. A Pixar themed ride or something like that would make a lot more sense. As much as I think Disney needs a Mickey/Minnie/Goofy/Donald ride, it seems like 1 ride would feel out of place in a park and needs more like 2 or 3 and a “land” to make sense. Who knows what is coming but I am always in favor of new and innovative.

    • Supposedly, they are going to keep the exterior, Graumanns Chinese Theater, intact. So, making it a Pixar themed ride would not work there, because Pixar Place/Toy Story Land will be farther down from the theater building.
      However, it is currently in the vicinity of One Man’s Dream, the Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Disney Junior. That area of the park has become a giant question mark since Star Wars and Toy Story were announced, because they are a mishmash of entities, instead of being all under one theme.
      If they did make this a tribute to Mickey, then they could indeed make an actual land, possibly devoted to Walt, Mickey and classic Disney. I’m sure the Disney execs somehow want to keep Disney Junior as a strong presence in the park, but maybe, with Hollywood and Vine having the character meals, they could move Disney Junior to that side of the park and turn the area from One Man’s Dream and Graumanns into a classic Disney themed area. If they make the Great Movie ride solely devoted to Mickey, maybe they could have a ride just for Chip and Dale and another ride for Donald. Heck, they could even do something with Walt’s original creation, Oswald the lucky rabbit. Some have said make it a new Toontown, but technically, Toontown is not 100% Disney owned: Toontown first appeared in Roger Rabbit, which was not 100% a Disney movie. Bottom line, they could create a land using the Fab Five with One Man’s Dream as one of the anchors (I know a lot of people don’t want to see it removed from the parks, and this way, as the entrance to this new land, they wouldn’t have to).

      • Sorry, forgot to add that Voyage to the Little Mermaid would of course have to close if this idea came to fruition. But that’s been a possibility since the new mermaid ride opened at Magic Kingdom.
        Would be sad to see an opening day attraction close, but the idea of an entire land devoted to Walt, Mickey and classic Disney is actually something I can get excited about, should they do it ;)

  • Thank god this ride is going. One of the most outdate rides in all Disney Parks and it is the icon of Hollywood Stuidios. Last time I was on it my ride vehicle broke mid ride and backed up everything. Hollywood Studios is already changing so much might as well change the icon front and center in the park to the mouse that started it all

  • More interesting to me is it will go into Disneyland Resort too. Will it go into the Hollywood Backlot area where Monsters Inc is also there or replace Monsters Inc. There are a few spots sitting empty like the warehouse that they use for Frozen seasonal events (currently used for the Frozen musical upcharge event), and the never used dining facility. But this will conflict if they go with a Marvel Land so maybe Marvel will only remain at Tower of Terror area (future Guardians of the Galaxy) and further south.

    I wonder if the ride is screen based like Ratatouille or an all animatronic ride like the new Little Mermaid ride.

    • Backlot is gone. Many dead ends at various points in the park now. Assuming they are prepping for Star Wars…

  • Ya lets do away with the old classics so young people don’t know any of the history of movies. While we’re at it let’s get rid of carousel of progress, people mover, and jungle cruise. They’ve all been there too long and are boring to young people.

    • I appreciate the sarcasm…but I’m here to say that the old attractions are not lost on all young people. Carousel of Progress and People Mover are my 8-year old’s top two favorite ride (Mine Train rounding out top 3). And while, I lamented the closing of Maelstrom and the new Guardians attraction, I think a refresh of the Great Movie Ride would be a good idea. An homage to Mickey (and Walt!) is a great idea. Leave the building intact and let’s have an attraction that has some “thrills” but also some edutainment regarding the history of Mickey, Walt, and the parks. One man’s Dream on steroids.

  • I’m out.

    Been planning the next three years of vacations, actually. None of them involve Disney.

    To the point, though, The Great Movie Ride is old and tired, there’s no doubt about that. It was also revolutionary and jaw-dropping when it opened. Disney, however, is no longer committed to a theme park about movies and entertainment, just as it is no longer committed to a theme park about the future and culture. Soon, I expect, Animal Kingdom will begin receiving its major overhaul to be entirely Disney themed. (Interesting, though, that they are gambling so big on “Avatar.” And gambling they are.)

    Disney theme parks no longer hold any appeal to me or my family. Not a bit. After decades of being major Disney fans, it’s a sad admission to make, but it’s unfortunately true. Maybe you can call me a Disney disloyalist, but I actually long for the days when Disney was trying to be the best, most creative, most exciting, most interesting, most technologically advanced, most imaginative, most forward-thinking company out there, not simply trying to make more money by acquiring franchises to exploit.

    • None of Disney’s original parks adhere to their original missions. This is evident a long time ago. Animal Kingdom stopped being a zoo and its focus on animals is mainly the Safari attraction. DHS is not about movies and entertainment for a long time. Epcot stopped being about its country pavilions and futuristic ideas. This isn’t a bad progression. People come to Disney theme parks to experience Disney entertainment. This won’t change. You call it franchise to exploit. I call it product that you paid to see.

    • As a Disney loyalist shouldn’t you be happy for a Mickey Mouse darkride? The company was built on that Mouse not random movies and short of retheming every scene to be Disney movie related, this makes the most sense.

    • “Disney, however, is no longer committed to a theme park about movies and entertainment”

      -despite the rumor being that this will be a ride about Mickey Mouse, an entertainment staple in American history, that would open after Star Wars Land (a land focused on a series of movies) and Toy Story Land (a land focused on a series of movies).

      Yeah… not committed to a theme park about movies and entertainment at all. /s

      • I think there’s a difference between a park that is “about movies” and a park with movie based rides. Fantasyland is full of rides that are based on movies, but I don’t think you’d say that the land is “about movies”.

  • I love the great movie ride, it was always going to be my Disney Job when I retire lol.

    But it makes sense for Disney not to be paying for franchises that it doesn’t need.

    The studios were always going to have a different feel once Star Wars and Toy Story Lands open.

    Exciting times ahead…… I hope

  • Wouldn’t it make more sense to just update it to something like the Great Disney Movie Ride and mine Disney’s live action movie library for inspiration? They could include Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson, Old Yeller, Mary Poppins and other classics along with more modern classics like Tron, Pirates, or even Tim Burton’s Alice movie (at least the first one).

    Or maybe they could focus on Disney’s Oscar wins or other cinematic achievements. Walt himself wonore Oscars than anyone, and the Disney company has continued to win them since his death. There’s got to be some inspiration there… but maybe that concept is too educational for today’s Disney company.

    • I like that too, that is an awesome idea!! Could still work as part of a classic Disney themed land. Again, awesome idea sir!! :)

    • Good idea. I noticed a couple weeks ago were even the small venues missing on the making of Disney animation, history, etc. This would be a good replacement/update.

  • Disney will do what they do for all the reasons they do it. We either like it or we don’t. There are thousands to take our place. I hope I will like the changes. If I don’t I will always have my photos and my memories.

  • A museum piece isn’t what you want the energy of your front-and-center “weinee” ride feeling like in any park, especially one getting a zillion dollar evergreen-IP-heavy facelift.

    The TCM sponsorship has been a classy injection, but it feels like it’s time, doesn’t it?

    The ride system is clunky, slow-loading, and slow-moving. The technology is showing its age. The films for show scenes aren’t just outside properties but are also becoming generationally irrelevant. I’m a park completist when I go, checking off attractions that I don’t love simply because I have an open moment and they’re there – I skip this one half the time.

    Thirty years is a long time for any IP to stay fresh (the magic of Disney is how they can so often stretch that longer and across generations) – “Alien” isn’t fresh anymore. “The Wizard of Oz” also peaked in vogue and has fallen out of the popular focus in recent years. It’s just the march of time.

    I’d rather ride an energetic experience than a musty artifact. (Plus, frankly, the ride feels even more like a corpse when you hit snake eyes and land a mushmouthed, unenergetic guide, cowboy, or gangster, which… happens more than it doesn’t happen.)

    I grew up on this ride, but it’s time to put a pillow over its face. “Indiana… let it go…”

    • I see what you’re talking about, but I have to at least partially disagree.

      Your logic about low energy museums as park icons would also suggest that Spaceship Earth needs to be replaced. Maybe you think that, but I don’t agree. The park icon needs to be representative of the concept of the park. If the park is about “Hollywood” or “the movies” then the icon needs to be too.

      Also I have to scratch my head about the idea that certain properties should be replaced because younger people don’t find them relevant. These properties are classics for a reason. If cultural irrelevance was an issue then we should probably also remove Splash Mountain, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, and Dumbo since no one probably watches those movies anymore. For that matter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones attractions should have been removed because at one point they weren’t really cool anymore either.

      That logic doesn’t really make sense to me either.

      I will agree with you about the tour guides though. They make or break the experience.

      • I still love Spaceship Earth and don’t find it as creaky as GMR (except for the track and vehicles, yikes), and, outdated as they were, I miss the classic edutainment dark ride feel of World of Motion and Horizons.

        If anyone should be in the tank for thirty more years of GMR, it’s me.

        The attractions you mentioned – Splash Mountain, Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo – use an IP for their skin, but can still be fundamentally enjoyed with little knowledge of that IP. A fantastic, color flume. A family coaster. A straightforward spinner.

        Another thing that sets those three IPs apart, too, for me is Disney itself, which maintains them carefully over decades in various ways, through movies, books, merchandise, and calculated theme park presence. Because of that strategy, I’d wager just as many young people today have seen “Dumbo” as have seen “The Wizard of Oz,” which feels a little crazy to say, but… I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s the power of the Mouse and its integrated branding.

        Unfortunately, nobody’s keeping John Wayne or James Cagney relevant outside of probably TCM, which I love for doing just that. (And I’m an all-encompassing film geek and the son of a history teacher… my nerd power is strong.) I don’t think “history” should be shoved aside simply because a sexier newcomer hits the scenes, but I do think it’s unrealistic to want to hold back the natural shifting of tastes and time.

        Primarily, the parks aren’t built for the diehards, and they’re aimed at middle-aged and under families with younger kids. I think you can marry that median target with other sensibilities and get great results, and I love the idea someone pitched further up in the comments of a new ride that blends IP characters, cutting edge tech, and the history of Walt and “One Man’s Dream.”

        THAT is an evergreen idea, a lot more than riding a slow-moving bench past a James Cagney robot.

  • I love the great movie ride, in fact We rode it 3 times on our last visit in 2014, however I am remember all of those movies. it is time to move forward and I am thankful Disney see that.

  • I smell a return of the sorcerer’s hat… I’m fine with the dismantling of a ride that seems more and more out of place with the new direction of the Studios. If I were imagineer for a day, I’d combine One Man’s Dream history into a Spaceship Earth type of journey through time (without the lame interactive screens about our…cough…future). You can have modern animatronic Walt Disneys throughout the development of the brand and then the evolution of the Mouse himself. This would then be something that wouldn’t date itself in the immediate future and give proper tribute to an icon.

    • All I had to read was ‘One Man’s Dream combined with Spaceship Earth’ and I was like ‘YUPPPP!!’ That would be so cool!! If they do follow through, they need to do it that way!

    • I thought of this too. Walt would be your host,and start out with an introduction to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After the hostile take over of Oswald you would be introduced to our Hero Mickeys development from rough drawing to Steamboat Willie. Following this breakthrough we witness Mickeys early success until his big screen debut in Fantasia. Everything up until now is in black and white. Once sorcerer Mickey is introduced everything changes to color. Now we journey through a whirlwind career full of shorts and feature films with cameos from some very loyal friends, and a few advisaries. I feel everything needs to remain AA figures, they seem more realistic then a film on screen. All of this ends in the GMR movie clip room but this time it’s all about our courageous rodent hero’s career.

        • HAHAHAHA Funniest post ever. AS IF Disney execs cared one cent about what their customers would be happy with.

          They go out of the way to make it all about profit, branding, and as inexpensive as possible.

          If this rumor is true, it will be to sell merchandise and meet and greets. Not nearly as cool as the concept stated above, or any existing rides replaced.

          • Unfortunately everything corporate nowadays is intended to make money, sad, but true.
            And Richard, you didn’t have to comment and say that my post was funny; I’m sorry, but that was a little rude. I said what I said exactly because of your point, that the current Disney execs don’t read these forums and they probably never will because the majority of them only see dollar signs and have grown highly disconnected with what their fan base actually wants. It’s sad, but it’s true, and that’s why I put it in my post, that it’s a shame the Disney execs don’t read these forums, because they should, as they would see what their fans actually want.
            Thank you Richard for indirectly agreeing with me, and I hope you have a nice day

  • Short and sweet of it, I think Disney is no longer filled with the magic they used to have. In fact, I would say they are out of touch for the most part. This is what happens when corporate greed and shareholders come before customers and (once) loyal fans.

    • Or maybe you have changed and not so much Disney. As we grow older we look at things differently, no harm, it’s just the way it is.

      • No. Rob Paige is right. Smitty must work for Disney. The place has gone done hill. They used to care about guests having a good time. Now it’s 100% money they want, they couldn’t care about magic, a good time, safety, or anything else.

        • If I ran Disney it would be all about guests having a good time and giving Wall Street the middle finger. Disney needs to be run by communists.

          • I think Smitty is right. As we grow older we see Disney differently. It goes from the most magical place on earth to outdated and a waste of time and money. I grew up practically next to DL and the magic will never be outdated to me. I swear I’m not a cast member or employee of any sort for Disney

  • I love the Great Movie Ride, so many great memories as a kid. However, every time I ride it now, I’m longing for it to be updated. So, personally, I would love it if they renovated it rather than removed it completely. It’s such an iconic symbol and amazing building, why not just add to the ride? Maybe add a Star Wars section if you want to keep the IP present, or update it with some classics that have come out since the ride completed? I get that kids today don’t understand 80% of the ride, but I didn’t either when I was that age, however it made me more interested to learn about them. I love the ride and I hope they update it rather than just remove it because, like all classic Disney World fans, I see so much potential if they just did it right.

  • Whenever I hear people talk about the movies in this ride being outdated, I think it is missing the point to a certain extent. That point being, I think part of the purpose is to (ssh!) gently educate guests on the history of movies and show how many of the films represented were seminal and influenced and shaped what followed. Some of them might be better represented with an upgrade (the Tarzan scene could be less silly, for one, and it would be nice if the Footlight Parade scene actually WORKED again), and I could see possibly replacing a scene or two with equally important iconic films.

    As I commented on this topic on Facebook, “I get a little annoyed when I hear people complain that things such as “Footlight Parade” “aren’t relevant in 2016.” This is said in a way that implies guests in 1989 would have regarded it differently, which is false. The movies in the ride are relevant in that they present a history of Hollywood movies, and in many cases they are archetypal films which shaped and influenced movies that followed. I think they would have avoided this problem had they named the attraction “The Great Classic Movie Ride.” TCM seems to see the ride as it was intended, hence their sponsorship.

    I wouldn’t necessarily be against some of the movies represented being upgraded or replaced with different film moments (and new ones added, if such were feasible), but NOT in some misguided attempt to make it more “hip” or of-the-moment.

    • I completely agree with everything Experiment 626 said. Something being hip and “relevant” with today’s fickle audience is not a good reason to build a ride about it. In fact I would say that the opposite is more true because a franchise that quickly becomes popular can just as quickly become unpopular when the audience moves on to the next thing.

    • Disney is no different than any other company. It must do what it can with the reality… meaning it can’t run against public needs or desires. Education in rides and attractions assumes the public is not familiar with the content. The new reality is everyone is supposed to know about the content so the ride doesn’t have to explain itself. Even if Disney changes The Great Movie Ride to current films, people don’t necessarily want to be educated on how movies are made or enjoyed. They just want to enjoy it. The ride at minimum needs to have a different narrative. The start and stop features is rather tedious. I didn’t like how it stopped for the James Cagney, the Indiana Jones, and the Wizard of Oz segments. The tour guide switch is such an outdated “Universal Studios” borrowed trick that even Universal doesn’t do anymore. It is mostly a creepy ride with the mannequins that look like they belonged in the Twilight Zone. Thus, the ride needs an overhaul, but the overhaul means the ride has to go.

    • Disney’s only goal is to get most money and give guests the least experience or expense to get that money.

      That’s the only purpose of the parks of the last 10 years. Anyone who frequents or works there for long would agree.

      Bob Iger doesn’t like the theme park division. Case closed. He’s a media only guy. Disney can’t afford to hire expensive talent, and has cheapens out there too.

        • Terribly true. YOU should feel sad for future guests of the parks! Unless Disney gets management that gives 2 cents about their guests, Disney is a movie and media company, and has no business in theme parks.

      • I am sad to agree with Yolanda. Disney is on the boards disagreeing. No lies to it. Disney is a dirty theme park with very little care about guests.

        Bob Iger has not been a fan of the parks. That’s a fact. If it doesn’t generate a huge profit, it goes away. It’s about sales of merchandise only now. Not very clean or safe as it used to be either.

          • Ok. This is pissing me off (excuse my language) Disney DOES care about their guests and EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME I’ve been to ANY Disney park ever I have had the best service! My children adore the parks and everyone in my family thinks that Disney is the best place to be! If you don’t think that way then why the h*ll are you researching this? Some 12 year old could be reading this and you ruined the magic for them! You all are crazy! The ride should have an update but only a small one. I say keep The Wizard of Oz scene and a few others and then add Star Wars, Frozen, Lion King, and something about Mickey and there you have it! A ride that everyone loves

  • Oh I sooo hope this happens. Every Disney park needs a Mickey themed ride. After all it was all started by a mouse. What would make it perfect is, instead of exiting into a gift shop, you should exit into the One Man’s Dream exhibit or something similar. You have your entertaining ride plus something educational. Walt Disney is an American icon and should have more of a presence in the place we all love.

  • I will miss this ride, truly one of my favorites. I hope that some kind of comprise can be reach should this become a reality. What is really want to know is when that are going to bring the TRON ride to Walt Disney World. I don’t care what park they place it in (EPCOT). This would be a fantastic addition.

  • To those who are celebrating this- how about they refresh GMR while actually expanding the park with a new ride?
    God forbid they don’t replace something and actual add capacity. Or is Disney World and DHS short on land all of a sudden?

    People are happy with mediocrity nowadays at Disney.

      • Ken, to disagree that Disney should expand more than ‘replace’, you must work for Disney. In other words, you don’t make much money, or come up with good ideas. The place is busting at the seems with less to do, besides dodge stroller parking areas and kiosks to buy junk.

  • A ride detailing the birth and development of mickey over the years wouls be fantastic. …much better than the current ride.

  • I wonder if this is Tom’s bait for other Disney fan sites that he was talking about on the podcast last week.

  • NO CHANGES NEEDED. WHY ??? Leave this yhe way it is. Us late 30 & 40 & up can look back and remember movies & stories of year past ! We can have another reason to tell our stories to the young generations. Update them on past movies. “They dont make them like they used to” … give us this! Go somewhere else….There are plenty of other spots to add ” Micky”. We know we are there & we see Micky everywhere already. Dont change this just to say we updated it. Would u change ET @ Universal… No, huh?

    • Kelly, I appreciate your views on this…I know what I wrote above, but I too love this ride, and agree that, with a little bit of TLC and maybe an updates script, the ride is a classic and shold be saved. But, if Disney is truly trying to focus solely on their own entities (Avatar aside), then much of this ride would have to change. Did you see the idea farther up in the post? About making it The Great Disney Movie Ride, using Disney’s own library of live action movies? I think even if they changed it to that, it could still be a great ride. And, to comment on your point about E.T.: I would hate it if Universal got rid of E.T. as it is a classic and the last original ride of the park. However, E.T. is Universal’s own entity, which is why any fight to save that ride, as a property and classic of Universal, would make sense, and why, no matter how upset we all get about any possible changes to the Great Movie Ride, will fall on deaf ears if Disney does in fact want to rid their parks of everything that is not owned in some way by them and them alone (again, Avatar aside).
      Thank you for your passion, I just wish the Disney execs appreciated it. ;)

  • This actually could make sense in the bizarre world we live in now.

    New rumored entrance path could be a clone of “Mickey Avenue” from Shanghai heading for “The Great Mickey Ride.”

    Make it a clone of “Mystic Manor” from a design perspective inside so they don’t have to do any real engineering work.

    Stick it in DHS, Disneyland as one of the replacement attractions for ToonTown or out on Paradise Pier in DCA, and in Shanghai of course.

  • You could tell by the quick fix that was made and lack of money put into the attraction once the limited time contract was signed with TCM that this ride was soon to be goner, on top of the fact that its dropping its whole movie studio facade. This rumor actually first popped up during the hat removal. It seems it is gaining more ground now.?

  • so is disney just gonna burn the park to the ground and build it entirealy avatar because thats all they seem to want to put in these gorillain parks but things should go sometimes like disney forever or something

  • Well, how Disney, sans Walt and Roy. Corporate decisions. These people have no clue. They take down the actual ICON Mickey Sorcerer Hat so we can see a FAKE Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and now they’re going to eliminate the theater. No wonder attendance is dropping. I think people are getting fed up with the corporate nonsense at all levels.

    • Off topic but I was ecstatic when they took the Sorcerer’s Hat. It may have been an icon but it was a huge eyesore that totally ruined the theme of the area it was in. Good riddance.

      I do agree with you though that the Chinese Theater doesn’t make for a great park icon though… Since it’s already a real icon elsewhere. But at least it made sense at the end of a Hollywood street.

      This whole discussion is really representative of the park. The Chinese Theater as the icon worked just fine when the park was actually about the concept of “Hollywood” and “movies”. The hat as the icon is pretty representative of a time when the park’s them went off track. Now they have no icon, which also fits because the park doesn’t have an identity at all anymore.

      • Your post is spot on Ben…you can’t have an icon for a park if the park no longer has a theme. All we can hope, is in the years before Star Wars and Toy Story Land open, the execs do what they did with California Adventures and come up with a new master concept and a central theme to tie it all together. Because since 2014 (and some may even argue even before that), the park has been without a central theme, it’s just been a collection of rides and shows. Here’s hoping they can take what they did with California Adventures and duplicate it…only time will tell.

        • Thanks Robyn, but hope they do a better job of sticking to the theme than they did with DCA.

          They really drove home the California theme of the park with Buena Vista Street and at the same time opened Carsland which only has a very loose conndction to that theme via Route 66. Now they’ve taken the “Over California” movie out of Soarin’, and are replacing the Hollywood themed Tower of Terror with a Marvel ride that will never tie in with the California theme no matter how much we stretch our imaginations.

          I’m beginning to wonder if current park management really has any idea what a “theme park” even is anymore.

          • True…I guess I was referring to the initial changes they made from when it first opened. You may be right, that the execs have forgotten what a theme park is…that they’re content with it just being another amusement park. I know it’s sacrilege, but it wouldn’t hurt the Disney execs if they took a page from Universal’s book…all the changes that both U.S. parks have made over the years, and they are still heavily themed, and dare I say it, more immersive now than they were when they first opened.

  • Ugh… Another clickbait article posted by none other than the rumor mill themselves… First off, the contract between TMC and GMR/WDW is a 5 year contract minimum with possible lengthening already in talks. Second, all of these people giving the clicks that this crappy site and their desperate pockets need to seriously stop. This site has been wrong more times than not, and almost every time they’ve been wrong is when news was low and they needed a pick-me-up. Third, every person coming out of the wood work thinking they know better than the next person about what exactly they’re doing with the attraction seriously need to have their heads checked, because as I said, this rumor was started by this website in order too get site traffic. Last, but not least, those bashing people coming on here that wish too support this beloved attraction are idiotic trolls that probably sit in their basements fapping to YouTube videos all day because they’re too fucking fat to get up from their medically prescribed chairs.

    So I say… Stop believing these clickbait articles. Especially those churned out by this website. I’m so tired of hearing at work about guests that heard from WDWNT that so-and-so is gonna happen to something and then being upset when they’re told that they are simply wrong. The next time you see an article from these people that says RUMOR in the title, just move on. Do not give it the time of day it obviously does not deserve.

    End of rant…

    • Is this the one who lost it and guaranteed that the Guardians/ToT change wasn’t happening? Or is it one of the champs from the picture stealing site trying to go incognito? Either way, that was hilarious!

      • You’re completely wrong. This is actually the first time I’ve visited this god forsaken place. As for photo stealing, it’s interesting you bring that up as almost 99% of the images I’ve seen on this site were pulled from Disney. I can pull up the metadata from every image and tell you it’s source.

        • So, you’re “Smarter,” but your whole series of comments is a complete contradiction. You have a lot of info about the site and how accurate or inaccurate their rumors are… and yet this is the first time you’ve visited this “god forsaken place.” To make matters worse, on your first ever visit, you tell people to stop wasting time on this website and then take the time to write a lengthy response.

          Clearly, you’re trying to discredit this site, but once again you drop the ball by admitting that everyone at work is talking about WDWNT. They’re talking about it so much, it’s making you sick.

          Maybe the downfall of WDWMagic is what’s really making you sick.

          • Quite a hypothesis you have there. I say again, as I’ve said before. When I wrote my initial comment, it really was my first time to this site. I spent a few minutes just browsing other articles as well. Is that a crime? My knowledge before then was based on the idiotic things guests ask around the parks and when asked where they heard whatever it is they’ve said, it’s usually something along the lines ow WDW News or something similar. You see, tourists are dumb and will believe pretty much anything you post online if you say it’s about Disney. There’s even dumber guests that think this website is run by Disney. It’s quite sad.

            In your last sentence you mention WDWMagic. That’s a site I’ve never heard of, but because I’m sure it is/was competition to this website, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re an admin hiding in anonymity that’s so butthurt because I had something negative to say that you truly think I’m someone that cares. Oh, and speaking of anonymous, check out how many anonymous comments are up above. It makes people feel like it’s credible when there’s lots of positive talk. But, I’m sure many of the temporary accounts made to comment are probably just admins of this site adding to conversation to boost the post.

            Anywho, I’m done writing. I look forward to your response.

          • First, I’m not an admin. I’ll leave it at that, as I have no way of proving it to you within a comment section, just as you have no way of proving you aren’t from a rival site. The WDWMagic reference was a joke, based on the history of the site.

            My comment was primarily driven by your hostility. You say this is your first visit to the site, and your immediate response is to go on a tirade about it being a crappy site, make broad judgments about people commenting and demand people stop reading the articles. I can’t help you with the anger you have for Disney fans and/or WDWNT, but if you’re so angry about their posts, the best way to express your anger is to simply not give them any traffic. No one is forcing you or anyone else to come to the site, nor to discuss the contents of it.

            And for someone who is so angry about a site making things up, I have to say you’re very good at doing the same. In your mind, WDWNT is desperate for money, most of us commenting are admins, the majority of those admins are morbidly obese and all tourists are dumb.

            With regard to anonymous posting, surely you can see the irony in calling out people for doing it, while commenting under the anonymous handle of “Smarter.”

            Pot, meet kettle.

    • Up top bro! These people said that Disneyland would lose Toontown for Star Wars in 2016 and guess what? It’s still there. NOBODY knows what’s going on within Disney and the losers who started that rumor should’ve jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in humiliation when they got those rumors wrong. Nobody would miss them.

      • You’re still here, Dave? How quickly you forget your folly with the completely accurate and confirmed GotG rumor.

        • Lots of people that hadn’t been to Disneyland around the time of the news thought it wasn’t happening. It’s interesting that it was even a rumor. That was news the moment it’s refurbishment was announced. But, because the news was so out there and didn’t sound like something Disney would do, lots of people didn’t think it was real.

          Also, quick stalking peoples comments and posting anonymously. It’s even more obvious now that you’re an admin. It just makes you look bad and quite creepy.

        • You realize it’s going to be cancelled due to an actual surprise revolt that will force Disney management to flee Burbank and go into hiding. Plus the next movie is going to bomb so bad it will kill superhero movies and Chris Pratt’s entire acting career. He is a horrible actor and I’d take even Hayden Christensen over him.

      • And now some of those same people are trying to re-start that rumor again, this time saying that DL’s Toontown will be replaced with a Fantasyland expansion like at WDW, which I also refuse to believe for many reasons, including the fact that those same people were wrong and have had 0 credibility before, were proved wrong way too many times and are just spreading lies yet again in an attempt to get clicks!

        It sickens me and I too wish they’d jump off the Golden Gate Bridge! ?

  • Another baseless rumor with no bearing. The Great Movie Ride is not outdated either and NOTHING is ever outdated.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it. For a website ending in the words “news today” there seem to be too many early rumors spread here – some that eventually prove to be official news and some that don’t. I otherwise enjoy the site (thanks, Tom). However, hey, if a Mickey Mouse ride replaces the old MGM “movies museum” with boring mobster hosts (I think I still have never had the cowboy host version) I would be happy….maybe I could get the kiddo to finally ride again (because after riding GMR twice since 2010 she won’t ride any more…she finds it boring and even too scary in spots like the Alien part). Even if it wasn’t just Mickey Mouse….if it had most or all of the Disney animated films represented somehow it would still be fun.

  • I really really hope that the Great Movie Ride will NOT be taken done for the Great Mickey Ride, it is one of my all time favorite rides at Walt Disney World. I really really hope they will build the Great Mickey Ride at another part of Disney Hollywood Studio. Also really really hope more of removing the Tower Of Terror at other Disney Parks for something else. Just don’t use the Twilight Zone music any more and remove part of it that has to do with the Twilight Zone. The Tower Of Terror is very very Disneyish.

  • Theory #1. Mickey Mouse could be entering the public domain someday soon. The timing of such a ride might at least help lock down theme park rights to the Mouse. Producing a new Mickey-based film, launching a comic book, and keeping the Clubhouse going on television, they could have a strong argument to keep asserting their rights to the Mouse.
    Theory #2. Having a Mickey-based ride at DHS could free up the company to re-purpose or re-imagine PhilharMagic at MK without causing a major meltdown with fans! I enjoy the show, but let’s face it PhilharMagic does not pack guests in like it used to do, for some years now.

  • After reading some of these post I come to the concensus that everything comes down to franchising. The GMR has films in it that disney doesn’t own the rights to and that’s the problem. OK so put in scenes from disney films. Disney has so many great movies that fit into all these genres. Musicals, you have Mary Poppins, Bed knows and Broom Sticks, and any Animated movie you want from the past 75 years. Now crime movies here is where you might have to get creative. How about who framed Roger Rabbit, or change it to another genre all together. Perhaps Pirate films? I know disney has some of those, they even made one called Treasure Island you may have heard of it. Western is easy one comes to mind right away, and no its not the Lone Ranger. How about the Apple Dumpling Gang, those movies crack me up. Sci Fi not a problem, Flight of the Navigator, or if you really want to go old school Black Hole, or even better yet Tron. Adventure leave as is you can’t get much better than Indy. Monster movies here is another tricky section. We’ll for years everyone has wanted a villian attraction well here’s your chance, for monster movies I say let the villian shine just make this section all about Disneys great Villians. For the Tarzan section just change it from real life to animated. Maybe even add a little jungle book in there? For Fantasia, we’ll I think it’s obvious, this will stay un touched. Now for the finale. Here’s where you can get creative. One thing for sure I don’t want Oz the Great and Powerful here. Frozen is over saturated and Star Wars is getting a whole land, so what are some Ideas for here? I would love to see Petes Dragon somewhere in here, new or old either way. How about 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, or The Nutty Professor, all great films. There is so much potential, no matter what comes about this icon of a ride will not be going anywhere soon.

  • I hadn’t heard this rumor, and I work there in college program. I am aware that 100% of Disney rides and shows will be changed over to promote their product. Epcot Norway ride changed, Back Lot tour, other Studios attractions gone for a while now for StarWars sales. Shows like Wishes, Illuminations, and many rides that aren’t selling merchandise or directly cross promote a movie or merchandise are on the chopping block. The Mickey Ride would sell more merchandise, whether it’s a ‘better ride’ doesn’t matter. Disney takes 0% of guest preference or how enjoyable it might be into account. Marketing team is replacing Imagineers.

    • Never gonna happen Rebecca, the Great Movie Ride is never going anywhere and in a few years this management that only cares about merchandising will be gone and Imagineers will have free reign again. In a few years marketing will be screaming that Communists are taking over Disney. Disney would be better off under communism anyway.

  • This ride is coming to DCA as well, complete with the Chinese Theater Facade. They are doing to Demolish the Studios section of Hollywoodland including the Monsters Inc Ride and reroute the Monorail in order to expand Hollywoodland and include this new ride.

    Toontown is being slated for Demolition in the future hence why this ride isn’t being proposed for Toontown.

  • As a kid, even though I didn’t know the movies associated with the great movie ride, it was still exciting! Action-packed!! And thrilling! How the ride got taken over by the bad guys was like being in a movie yourself!!! Kids love this ride it would be a shame if it was taken away :(

  • My kids LOVE the Great Movie Ride. My 4 year old is actually obsessed with it–we have to ride it 4-5 times any time we step foot into Hollywood Studios (he’d be content to just ride it constantly all day long). I’ll be sad to see it go if it goes. I don’t think it is outdated at all.

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