RUMOR: The Great Mickey Ride Replacing Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

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It has been a time for crazy rumors the last few months, and it seems there isn’t an end in sight under the Bob Chapek regime. The latest indicates that once the 3 year sponsorship deal between Turner Classic Movies and Disney is up, the Great Movie Ride would be replaced with something called “The Great Mickey Ride”.

A Theatrical Journey Ð Walt Disney World Resort guests can take a ride through the most famous film sets in silver screen history at The Great Movie Ride at DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios. Housed in a full-scale reproduction of HollywoodÕs world-famous Chinese Theater, the ride-through attraction travels through a soundstage tour of such memorable movie scenes as the ÒCasablancaÓ airport farewell, the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City from ÒWizard of Oz,Ó the ÒRaiders of the Lost ArkÓ Well of Souls and many more. DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios is one of four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Scott Miller, photographer)

While details are scarce at this point, rumors indicate the ride would be trackless and is also being developed to go somewhere at the Disneyland Resort simultaneously.

The latest trend in the parks seems to be Disney removing any connections to franchises that Disney does not own (Twilight Zone for example), and the Great Movie Ride is packed with a lot of films that Disney has absolutely no ownership over. The line of thinking here would be to feature the first ride ever devoted to Mickey Mouse (clearly the property of the Walt Disney Company), something that has been attempted many times over the last 60 years but never built in any Disney theme park.

If plans remained unchanged and Disney pulls the trigger on this project, the Great Movie Ride would close just after the opening of the Star Wars-themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, keep in mind that this project is very blue sky at this point and may never see the light of day, but the Great Movie Ride’s removal is still a likely target for the company at this time.

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  • I hadn’t heard this rumor, and I work there in college program. I am aware that 100% of Disney rides and shows will be changed over to promote their product. Epcot Norway ride changed, Back Lot tour, other Studios attractions gone for a while now for StarWars sales. Shows like Wishes, Illuminations, and many rides that aren’t selling merchandise or directly cross promote a movie or merchandise are on the chopping block. The Mickey Ride would sell more merchandise, whether it’s a ‘better ride’ doesn’t matter. Disney takes 0% of guest preference or how enjoyable it might be into account. Marketing team is replacing Imagineers.

    • Never gonna happen Rebecca, the Great Movie Ride is never going anywhere and in a few years this management that only cares about merchandising will be gone and Imagineers will have free reign again. In a few years marketing will be screaming that Communists are taking over Disney. Disney would be better off under communism anyway.

  • This ride is coming to DCA as well, complete with the Chinese Theater Facade. They are doing to Demolish the Studios section of Hollywoodland including the Monsters Inc Ride and reroute the Monorail in order to expand Hollywoodland and include this new ride.

    Toontown is being slated for Demolition in the future hence why this ride isn’t being proposed for Toontown.

  • As a kid, even though I didn’t know the movies associated with the great movie ride, it was still exciting! Action-packed!! And thrilling! How the ride got taken over by the bad guys was like being in a movie yourself!!! Kids love this ride it would be a shame if it was taken away :(

  • My kids LOVE the Great Movie Ride. My 4 year old is actually obsessed with it–we have to ride it 4-5 times any time we step foot into Hollywood Studios (he’d be content to just ride it constantly all day long). I’ll be sad to see it go if it goes. I don’t think it is outdated at all.