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BREAKING: Fire Reported at Splash Mountain (Attraction Reopened Now)

We have a report coming in that Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is currently closed due to what cast members are calling a “small fire”. Guests have been evacuated from the ride and area.

This is a guest report from the scene, and we will update as we learn more.

Update (11:09pm) – It appears the attraction has reopened according to @wdwntnow on Twitter.

    1. Yea, so we closed the park. SUUUUURE. Disney is NOT the safe place their marketing team makes so clear and tries so hard to portray. Stuff happens every day, way more than it used to, with zero effort to correct the issues, but a lot of work spend to cover them up. That said, this was a very small incident. No biggie.

        1. Well good thing Yolanda isn’t going anymore since Disney “isn’t safe”. Less lines for the rest of us. Mechanical shows and rides are never allowed to break down, smoke, or catch fire at Disney. They have to be perfect 100% of the time, no exceptions! Otherwise they aren’t safe…. *rolls eyes*

          1. Well, I think Yolanda works there you dumb idiot. Don’t be such a naive boob with Disney and get off the hallucinogens. “rolls eyes”

  1. WOW, it amazes me how good this site is about getting info, and not afraid to post it. Disney has local media wrapped around it’s finger. There was a small fire, made more smoke than anything that just set off the alarms, and easily contained. Disney isn’t going to tell you the truth on this.

    1. But loudmouth disgruntled employees like Yolonda will! You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be thanking them every day for giving you such a dream job. If they’re so terrible, why don’t you just quit and get a job that better suits your attitude like a ditch digger, port o potty cleaner, or even worse, just go work at Universal where all the other miserable ex Disney employees go to.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA Disney Public Relations working over time. There’s no theme park in the world who cuts corners more than the Walt Disney Company. They put all their work on idiots like you!

        1. Sharon Renz (aka “ryan the jerk”) You should have said: “have a magical day”. They pay less and less every day to the college intern staff at Disney who trolls boards and pokes fun of anyone realistic about the parks obviously. It shows in the product as well! Until Disney management pulls their head out of their ass and works on improving the actual safety and experience of the parks, this is the best we can expect I suppose.

    2. Wow, someone drank the cool aide, or doesn’t get out much. Open your eyes. Expand your horizons. There’s not any public venue I can think of that cuts the corners on safety beyond ‘show’ than Walt Disney. All fun at the parks until something goes awry, which it does every day. That said, it’s a pretty cool place to go now and again if you can take a sense of humor at the huge crowds and lines.

    1. Because you can love something but have a problem with how it’s being ran? Their issue is the way that PR issues seem to supercede safety, which they do for people like you that so happily drink the pixie dust koolaide and willingly give them unlimited amounts of money because you believe Disney is best and perfect and you’re their number 1 priority and everything they do is from the kindness of their hearts. So drink up buddy.

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