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BREAKING: Shark Reef Closure at Typhoon Lagoon is Official

We posted a little over a month ago that the Shark Reef at Typhoon Lagoon was rumored to close in September. We now have an official word from management at the park that the Shark Reef is indeed closing on October 2nd, 2016.


Please stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about this closure.

  1. I’m sorry to say this but, do you know why their closing the shark reef down at typhoon lagoon? ? I know you said that their isn’t any word on about it yet! But I was just Wondering?

    1. Sooooo true. It’s pathetic considering the large crowds and
      our last visit so much closed. Even at resort, 2 lanes of 25 open and 70 minute wait for check in. Many restaurants or large sections of them closed….still long waits. Sad.

  2. Sad to see this go! With some effort they could create the new ride around and even above the Shark reef.

    1. You totally lost WDW in Orlando saying “with some effort”. To
      My family’s dispair we’ve noticed zero effort for something “above”, only lots of new stores and promo oops. Few rides left that not a promo and so many closed. cast members could care less and more there to pack more people in few shows and rides left. If we heard ‘move over even if there’s on half inch between you and guest next to you, if you can’t smell them you’re not close enough” one more time we were going to scream!!!! Obvious management change there :(

        1. If you have nothing constructive to say…May you and your family die a very prolonged and painful death Philip.

  3. Big mistake. I believe that was the only thing making typhoon lagoon special. Why would people travel to come to just another water park with the same slides as all the others. It is actually smaller than alot of other parks. Luckily I was just there yesterday and had the opportunity to experience it one last time before its gone. Shark reef closing is just one of many reasons I will not be back. From the very first attempt to enter hollywood studios my bands did not work. I made 4 attempts causing a great loss in time to enjoy the parks, to have this fixed. It was never fixed. Up until the very last day of my vacation there was trouble reading the bands in both park entry and fast passes and to a lesser extent dinner reservations. It was extremely frustrating. I also do not like the change of pool hours. There are fences around all pools with a closing time of 10:00 p.m. If one stays at a park until 9 or so…there is nothing to do when you get back to the hotel. For those with small children, thats fine, but for all others, its ridiculous. Also, most restaurants close at 10 as well. Bars and lounges close at midnight. This is clearly for young children. I am going to miss my favorite rides like Tower of Terror and Soarin, but the amount of time I spend on these rides is negligible next to the amount of time with nothing to do. At disney there is less and less value and more and more cost. The off season sees park closings as early as 7:00 p.m. (magic kingdom was closed at 7:00 p.m. a few days ago). During busy season there are longer hours but it is much more crowded. Disney has done its best to make sure nobody actually gets value no matter when they attend.

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