BREAKING: Stitch’s Great Escape To Operate Seasonally, Permanent Closure Imminent

Starting October 2nd, 2016, Stitch’s Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom will change to a seasonally operating attraction.

Stitch's Great Escape will operate seasonally at the Magic Kingdom starting 10/2/16
Stitch’s Great Escape will operate seasonally at the Magic Kingdom starting 10/2/16

The show will return for the busy 2016 holiday season for two periods, November 19th-26th, 2016 and December 17th, 2016 through January 2nd, 2017.

Walt Disney World has not offered a seasonally operating attraction in many years, not since the mid-2000’s when they would only open the Wonders of Life pavilion at Epcot during the busy holiday season. Of course, the Wonders of Life was retired shortly thereafter. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is the only attraction that was ever offered only seasonally to return to normal operation at Walt Disney World.

Stitch’s Great Escape is rumored to close permanently in the not-too-distant future to be replaced with a Wreck-It Ralph attraction. This seasonal closure could be used to start work on a new attraction inside the building.

20 thoughts on “BREAKING: Stitch’s Great Escape To Operate Seasonally, Permanent Closure Imminent”

  1. RIP Stitch’s Great Escape. You will be missed and your legacy will not be forgotten. You’ll force us all to find something new to hate at Magic Kingdom and we appreciate that sacrifice.

    • Yeah, after you did Alien Encounter once or twice, hated it, and thought nothing could be as bad, you were given Stitch’s Great Escape which was worse, far worse. It’s a mystery how a poor ride spawned by a marginal movie has lasted this long.

  2. Didn’t they have that Drew Carey seasonal attraction at DHS, Sounds Dangerous? To the point, it did eventually close as well. But I think that went longer than Wonders of Life.

    As for the main topic, good move. That ride is/was bad in both formats.

  3. Anything would be better than Stitch, although I’d much rather see original content instead of changing it to a film like Wreck It Ralph or other property owned brand. I’m sure it’s a money making thing, but we haven’t really seen a new movie-less idea since Expedition Everest.

    • Well actually Expedition Everest was developed in conjunction with an Everest movie, so it was originally meant to be a tie in. Similar to how Mission Space has props from the film Mission to Mars a film that stars Gary “I’m going to be your Capcom” Sinese, it bombed though, so there’s no references to it.

  4. I look forward to Alien Encounter’s triumphant return complete with the breath on your neck and th blood splatter from the death of the maintenance worker. What Disney needs to do this time is ignore the complaints from angry parents who can’t read warning signs and instead call them “chicken” to their faces as if they were Marty McFly (“Nobody calls me chicken!”).

  5. I couldn’t agree more… Alien Encounter was SO COOL, and actually scary and fun. This Stitch thing was cheesy and dumb. A gross chili smell… no tickling of the tongue on your neck… no blood splatter, no breathing… BRING IT BACK!

  6. Yay!!!!! Over 50 parks visited now and this attraction was the single worst ride or show I’ve ever done. It was confusing, it was annoying to all of your senses, it had random painful moments, and was genuinely displeasureable to sit through. I have no idea how it lasted longer than a month and I’m elated to see magic kingdom get better by not having it!

  7. Disney should have improved Sitch’s ride-Stitch is one of Disney’s most sought out character- I get tons of compliments on my Stitch gear so I know his popularity – Really Wreck it Ralph? No comparison! Disney needs to reevaluate what characters and movies people like most and where their sales are the most for which characters!

  8. you cannot close down stitches great escape!!!! Its the only stitch attraction. Stitch is my favorite character. When I come to Disney I look forward to this. For all the fellow Stitch lovers, we need to fight this travesty!!! Ohana means means never being left behind or forgotten….

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