Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club to Close for Major Overhaul in 2017

With the ongoing expansion of the Yacht and Beach Club Resort Convention Center at Walt Disney World, it only makes sense that other enhancements around the hotels would also be taking place to coincide with this ongoing work. The first of those major enhancements will be a remodeling of the Captain’s Grille restaurant at the Yacht Club Resort beginning in early 2017.

Captain's Grille at Disney's Yacht Club
Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club

While no dates have been provided as of yet, the refurbishment will likely last for around 6-8 months and include a major remodeling of the restaurant’s interior and a pretty significant overhaul of the existing menu. It is unknown what the menu changes might be exactly, but one would assume that the popular (yet mostly unknown to the average guest) breakfast buffet will return.

Captain's Grille at Disney's Yacht Club
Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club

Servers at the restaurant have been made aware of the closure over the last few weeks, but that information has not been deciminated to guests through any official avenues by Disney as of yet.

Captain's Grille at Disney's Yacht Club
Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club

While Captain’s Grille continues to be a hidden gem of Walt Disney World dining, the interior of the restaurant is undoubtedly aging, a product of early-1990’s design. The restaurant has never undergone a significant remodeling in that time and has, for the most part, looked the same for over 25 years now.

The restaurant will likely see a surge in customers as the nearby convention center is expanded over the coming years. Guests at the facility will be in need of dining options, and Yacht and Beach are fairly short on dining capacity and counter service options. Captain’s Grille typically does not require an advance dining reservation (as it is rarely busy), but it does get a fair amount of foot traffic from the current convention center already.

Stay tuned for more information on this story as it becomes available.

6 thoughts on “Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club to Close for Major Overhaul in 2017”

  1. Have to ask where Joe Public and his family will now go to eat with or without an ADR at the Epcot Resorts???
    Seems that if I go to Beaches and Cream at 1105am or 511pm, if I don’t have an ADR, I have to wait for a table or even a bar spot. (And most of the time, especially at 1105, the place is empty… don’t understand that one…. ) And lets face it, a burger joint is mostly an “impulse buy!!” Not an ADR type mindset.
    Seems Ariel’s has been closed since Mickey was a little mouse!!!
    Flying Fish has chicken at $ 35. And NONE of their former items.
    Been to the Italian place in the Boardwalk 3x and walked away disappointed 3x.
    Pizza window…ROFL…
    ESPN is a thought, but don’t go during any sporting event… humm, that’s kinda hard to do.
    Crew’s Cup.. the old crew that we grew up with is basically all gone, and the newbies get no service and friendliness points.
    Yachtsman… overpriced, waitress at last visit earlier this year said nary 2 words to any of the tables she had.
    Kimono’s sushi has shrunk… great staff though!!!
    Il Mulino’s.. had to send back the pasta last bunch of times. Came out cold and clumped.
    Blue Zoo… I like the food if you get dinner. Used to like the appetizers, but last time I ordered shrimp and grits, there were a few shrimp, and the grits were literally a “smear” on the plate… no exaggeration.
    Dolphin Fountain is actually a good choice for family fun food. I love their soft serve.. when the machine isn’t broken, and they don’t tell me to sit anywhere, then ask me to move after I’m settled in!!!!!!!
    Love Shula’s steaks. $ticker $hock, great staff, great food, but not really a Joe Public & family place. BTW, ate at a Shula’s in Naples, FL. Pricing is totally different. Disney’s is 10-15% higher on various items. Surprising huh… But in Naples, and this has never happened at Disney, when you use the Shula’s Birthday BOGO, they tax and auto tip @ 20% everything before they take it off the ticket. But you get free valet parking. And there is a free drink ticket on the free valet ticket. Hooker is that price is taxed and tipped. PLUS2 they “give” you a free dessert, which they also tax and add tip to. I have the receipt!!! It’s an amazing piece of work. We “bought” $ 63 worth of food but ending up being billed $ 102… Just sayin’ I don’t think they do that at the Dolphin. At least I’ve never noticed.
    Big River… how could I forget Big River…. easily, that’s how!!!!
    Guess I’ll just have to start out at the Dolphin Lobby Bar w the best staff on property, then truck or sail over to Epcot for dinner.. It’s actually what we’ve done lately!!

    • Best to leave property to dine and stay. Disney has gotten so bad with crowds they cut food and service quality to the bone. They don’t have to try. It shows.

  2. I don’t think I would ever consider Captain’s Grille and hidden gem in the same sentence but maybe that’s just based on the breakfast buffet. My lunch and dinner experiences over the years have been less than stellar.

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