New Celtic Rock Band Coming to Canada at Epcot This Fall

According to Le Journal de Montreal, a highly acclaimed new band is coming to the Canada pavilion at Epcot for a limited time.


After presenting concerts in Quebec and Europe this summer, Celtic rock band Bodh’aktan will perform for two periods of 20 days at Epcot in October and January. Bodh’aktan will be performing 20 minutes every hour, five days a week, as part of this contract. Disney wanted the band to sign a 6 month contract, but they declined as they did not want to be that far from their families for that long of a period.

While not a permanent replacement for the revolving Canada stage, it should be an enjoyable temporary offering. Alberta Bound will be working at the Mills Stage until that time. The Holiday Voyageurs will perform during Holidays Around the World in-between these two 20-day stands.

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