PHOTO: Disney World Changes Complimentary Mosquito Repellent Less Than 1 Week After Starting Program to Fight Zika

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Less than a week after introducing complimentary insect repellent to combat mosquitos and the Zika virus, Walt Disney World has changed the brand and the composition of the repellent they are providing to guests.

Complimentary mosquito repellent at Disney World is now a lotion
Complimentary mosquito repellent at Disney World is now a lotion

The repellent is now a lotion that comes in industrial size containers. The repellent replaces the small bottles of “Cutter” brand spray Disney has been using since last week and been distributing to resort guest rooms. The large bottles are simply placed on top of these tables around the parks and Disney Springs for guests to use, but there is a cast member at each kiosk to assist with any questions or concerns guests may have.

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    • thats the bottle, disney still is not saying this is zika prevention, DISNEY STILL makes no refernce to zika specifically

  • I figured this would happen, people were probably taking the bottles hand over fist just because it was something free ?

    • In order for Disney to be reimbursed by state for chemicals and manpower, it has to be separate. This is a ‘look, we’ve already been doing our best’ effort by both Disney and Gov. Scott for the tourism hit coming. Zika cases out of all areas of Florida and northward and inevitable children born with deformity flashed on TV will be unfortunate. It’s not just Disney doing it this way. Truth is they SHOULD be quadrupling down efforts on skeeter and pest control in general like they did years ago, but they are not. That’s real $$ though.

  • Tom, Good pick up! As CM (who anonymously posts as it’s a Disney no no) it’s always fascinating to me what people pick up. We changed from the cans to this because it’s a lot less expensive. I’m sure a couple small cans also ‘walked away’, but ounce for ounce this is cheaper. It’s not based on DEET and you can read up on your own about the differences, but it doesn’t last as long as DEET, and Pircaradin chemical is cheaper to buy. It has nothing to do with asthma or safety. The hand out appeases the WDW lawyers and Governor Scott, so that when Zika hits theme parks and the rest of Florida, they can both say they were being proactive. The state is helping public venues pay for these chemicals to be made available at no cost. Disney won’t spend any money on the balance sheet for this. Not to worry.

  • Either way, enlightening info Yolanda. Either repellent would be helpful. FYI No Chris, we’ve used it in UK for decades, you across the pond just got it about a decade ago. It’s a less expensive DEET alternative and can assure you it’s not as well working, and doesn’t hold to materials. Gone camping with it, and real world tests is not the same as the magazines. Consumer Reports used to be a pretty good too, I lost faith in them when they were busted taking money for ratings.

  • The repellent is just window dressing-much like gate security. I’ve been going to Disney for years and one of the first things I noticed, especially at a park like EPCOT, was the complete lack of mosquitoes. When you think about the climate, the large number of people strolling about at night, and how much standing water there is in all the parks, it’s amazing how rarely you see a mosquito. Any other place in Florida with those conditions would be breeding grounds for clouds of them. I don’t know what they have been doing to control the little monsters, but I wish I knew.

    • I wish I knew when you go to Disney, I get bit all the time. We have Annual Pass so go a fair amount. Not a few years ago, but notice a definite cut back in whatever they were doing. Lots of rats too. Inevitable with restaurants and eateries, but standing around for illuminations, lots of them at waters edge once the lights go down. And completely agree with you on window dressing and being like their security. All in the perception of the guest that they will be safe and them to be able to explain to a jury ‘all the amazing precautions they made’. (which aren’t many once you look beneath the pretty skin)

  • I checked in yesterday, Monday, September 5th to the Polynesian Village Resort, and there was a bottle of Cutter repellent in my room waiting for me.

  • Any alligator repellant? I know the crew that used to remove some of the larger ones got fired by Disney. Be safe out there!!

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