PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 9/8/16 (New Jasmine Costume, Gators & Crocs Still Missing, Dreamfinder, ETC.)

Our latest report brings us to Epcot where Food and Wine Festival prep is in full swing, Living with the Land is still missing a number of its reptilian residents, and Jasmine is covering up…

Welcome to Epcot



The pin trading tables were packed. What year is it, 1999?


A glass with both the Spaceship Earth and Journey Into Imagination art was released, $12.99 each.



Really loving this new Rapunzel MagicBand,



Traces of the Epcot 25th Anniversary exhibit linger behind closed doors inside Innoventions…



Work continues to prepare for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival which starts on Wednesday.

No Alligators or Crocodiles on Living with the Land


Plants were placed where one crocodile was on Living with the Land, the other location had the mechanisms removed, so ti looks like they will not return.


Meanwhile, the live Alligator habitat is sealed off, possibly not to ever return.

This and That


Food and wine and food and wine and food and wine… (I’m excited)


Rather than fix the wall under the No Climbing sign in Mexico, they just painted the damaged area.


Supposedly, a new larger beer cart is being constructed for the Canada pavilion.


The Mill Stage in Canada is once again vacant as Les Parfaits de Inconnus concluded recently.

If you missed the act, you can watch it below:


So, bring back Off Kilter? I think this calls for another video…

Jasmine’s New Costume


Jasmine received a rather controversial costume change over the last week.


Gone is the exposed midriff and more revealing costume of the last 20 or so years.



The American Dream


I didn’t know this even existed, but Fife & Drum outside of the American Adventure sells something called the American Dream, which is two flavors of slush drink with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between…


It sounded gross to me, but it was actually really good.


Around the World


The tiny Food & Wine Festival has already started for the villagers of the Germany train exhibit.



A Frozen pressed penny machine was placed at the exit of Frozen Ever After. It is one of the new machines that takes credit cards or cash and requires no changed from the user.


I don’t want to say goodbye to the Universe of Energy

22 thoughts on “PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 9/8/16 (New Jasmine Costume, Gators & Crocs Still Missing, Dreamfinder, ETC.)”

  1. The new Jasmine costume is HORRIBLE! Bring back the original Jasmine costume, Disney! You know, the one that’s in the movie Aladdin? Geez!

    • Don’t be an idiot! They’re not gonna listen to you!

      They had to change it because too many of Jasmine’s friends complained about receiving unwanted attention from perverted men.

      So be considerate to the cast and their comfort, safety and well-being don’t go about saying stupid things like what you just said, Stupid Enuff!

      • Overreact much Phillip??

        (That new Jasmine outfit is atrocious, just eliminate the character greeting if you can’t use the “Movie Outfit”)

        • Yeah because that’s easy to explain to the little kids that want to see Jasmine.

          “Mommy, daddy! Why can’t I meet Princess Jasmine?”
          “Because, honey, she doesn’t wear the movie outfit.”
          “But why?”
          “Because, sweety, there are perverts in the world.”

          My nieces love the new outfit and want to go back to see her again and take new pictures with her. The fact that there are adults taking time out of their day to complain online about this is sad. Sadder yet, the fact that there are adults upset about a costume change. Such nonsense.

  2. And why! Would they take away the animatronic alligator that was on the boat ride of living with the land?! ? and why would they also take away the live american alligators off the boat ride too?!? just because of that one incident of the little boy that got killed by the alligator, you guys figure” oh! Let’s take away the alligators because of that one incident with the little boy that got killed! ? Disney’s so dumb for doing that! ?

    • Maybe you’re just dumb for caring that much about Living with the Land. I hope you were this passionate about when they got rid of the live narration because of the one little fact of it costing more money to fully staff the ride with spielers.

    • I’m not thrilled about this either. It perplexes me. The Alligator float returned to the Electrical Water pageant, the jokes returned to Jungle Cruise….but I guess the animatronic is too life-like? I always loved that scene–not as much as the Farmhouse…but still.

  3. The new Jasmine costume looks terrible. They should use the same style and just lengthen the top to cover the midriff. The green gown looks like a sari. Why not go burka?

  4. Jasmine’s new costume looks like something my grandmother wore in hospice. I’m not joking. It seriously makes Jasmine look ill to me.

    Character theming in Future World — Guardians of the Galaxy or otherwise — is a complete missed opportunity for the truly inspiring edutainment experience EPCOT is uniquely positioned to deliver.

    Can’t wait for Food & Wine.

    Wish they’d throw some mug love to Horizons.

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