PHOTOS: New Signs Arrive at Carousel of Progress

We took some pictures after stopping by the Carousel of Progress this morning. Check out the new signage!


We’ve heard rumors that this might be going away soon…
The sign compliments the new paint job very well
A beautiful new sign!
    1. I would assume it’s a timing issue. Even though the attraction is rarely filled to capacity anymore, they have to make the assumption that the theater will be full for every peformance. It would be virtually impossible to get a full crowd unloaded and a new crowd safely loaded and seated before the theater started moving again.

  1. They must have gotten blue spray paint on sale. Same look as the rocks they painted. Honestly looks better in your photos than in real life tbh.

  2. I’d rather see a ‘closed for reimagineering’ sign.
    I’m all for keeping the Classics around forever (Mansion, Pirates, Small World, Pan, etc.)
    But this isn’t a Classic, never has been.
    It’s an embarrassment taking up prime space in the busiest theme park on the Planet. Even Walt would admit this if he were still around.
    Put this pile of junk attraction out of it’s misery.

    1. I could. Or disagree more. Yes it’s dated, but my family and I love it.

      And yes, the main sign has been replaced between 9/28 and 9/30. The old one was there on 9/28/16, and when we came back two days later the new one was up. I liked the bigger one myself.

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