RUMOR: Disney May Be Buying Netflix?

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According to an article posted by Forbes Magazine today, there is some “chatter” that Disney may be in talks to buy Netflix.

This doesn’t seem completely unreasonable given the latest push of Disney content to the streaming service.

What do you think? Think we’ll hear or know more come Monday?

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  • For a cash strapped company that’s applying all kinds of budget cuts & layoffs in their parks division, they sure have a lot of money to go around looking for things like Twitter & Netflix, me thinks

  • The influx of Disney content to Netflix is due to the deal signed 2(ish) years ago when Disney was looking for a partner other than Starz

  • I think they should buy Netflix and SELL their parks division. Or at least sub contract it out. They’ve done an A+ in their media acquisitions, but their parks have been on the back burner and the ugly red headed step sister for a decade.

    • I’d rather they toss the Park’s board and look for better people inside WDI and not employees from other companies that end up making deals for their previous employers, like Starbucks, which is what they did.

      • The day they sell the parks division is the day I burn everything Disney I own and never spend another dime.

        • A majority of the parks’ businesses are already run by ‘operating participants’. That’s the trend Disney wants. Another company gives them a third of the take for Disney doing nothing, and the business runs as though they’re Disney. Case in point, most of the countries in “Epcot”s stores and eating facilities are not Disney. All of the Downton Disney spots involve third party. You’d never know it. Where Disney gets a total FAIL is their input is usually 100% against guests benefit. They force the operating participants to cut items for guests in need for higher return. They ONLY look out for their immediate and short term gain. If they went for Netflix, and just turned parks to 3rd party, there is no way they’d be worse than now. Disney is as bad a company gets in giving little to their customers, and no concern about long term ‘loyalty’. They know suckers will line up to pay a lot for nothing, and love that. I wish Disney cared more about their own product, as much as many of us on the board do. They frankly don’t.

  • I say they should if not just to get a Stranger Things land or event. It could be their version of Halloween Horror Nights.

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