“Scoop Sanderson” Main Street Reporter & Pin Expert Character to be Discontinued

Main Street USA’s roving reporter character, Scoop Sanderson, will no longer be regularly appearing at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Holland Hayes, who has portrayed the character for as long as I can remember, revealed on Facebook that his entertainment contract was not renewed and that his last day will be October 8, 2016. Comments from the actor state that he will substitute when available for vacations and call-outs of other Main Street characters.

Scoop Sanderson is leaving the Magic Kingdom
Scoop Sanderson is leaving the Magic Kingdom

While the character dates back a few decades at the park, Scoop Sanderson was best known as a “Disney Pin Expert” during the height of the craze in the early 2000’s. Scoop’s afternoon pin talks inside the old Exposition Hall Theater at the Magic Kingdom were attended by hundreds of guests daily. The character saw a decline in popularity with the decline in pin trading over the years (although still beloved by those in the hobby), in recent months not even trading pins with guests.

As with any entertainment offering of the last few years (barring The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic), fans have started a “Save Scoop” campaign in hopes of making the park change its mind on the contract. To date, none of these campaigns have ever brought an entertainment act back from cancellation.

No other citizens of Main Street did not have their contracts renewed this year. Disney has made no public statement on the matter as of yet.

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        • In Phillip’s defense (even though he’s consistently the biggest idiot to make comments on this site), Eddie’s initial comment was overused, pathetically unoriginal and misspelled.

  1. More space for the sheel of guests at Florida Disney who don’t realize they pay 10x more for 1/100th what they used to get. Every year under current management it gets trimmer. Soon. $500/day and no real ‘attractions’. Just advertisements for media, meet and greets and stores. Only hope is food and other quality returns eventually.

  2. I spend anywhere between 4 to 7 weeks a year in Disney world for the past 10 years. (I live in Maryland) Spending almost everyone of those days in the Disney Parks. I honestly have never heard of him before. I maybe have seen him as just another cast member, but other then that I never heard of him. Unfortunately he just another budget cut, like all of the ones from Hollywood Studios. It’s so sad, Disney raises their prices and give us less and less for our money. Mostly due to the fact they are losing money at their over seas parks in Asia and Paris.

    • The loss of money at other parks overseas is an excuse generated on rumor. Shanghai partially run by government. The parks are costly and Disney has very unrealistic goal expectations and should just make media. They sell more on character toy sales worldwide than parks every day, hassle free. They miss (don’t care) the experiences people get make them loyal or not. And I agree with you. The current mindset of management at parks is the worst. This character would really not be seen unless into pin trading. Was a nice touch. But all touches are going away. Guests don’t matter past their credit card these days. Our older kids now prefer to go to beach when visiting Florida and little one likes McDonalds play land more than Magic Kingdom. Sez something. It’s us older ones with fond memories of what was Disney.

  3. I am beyond sad;( he was my favorite character for our family to see. Our girls have been trading pins with him.

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